A Dry Skin Is A Symptom Of Dehydration

Is Your Skin Too Dry?

Dry skin is not just a problem during the colder seasons. Even in the summertime, some people can still sport dry, itchy and flaky skin. The truth is, dry skin is very common during summertime because of the activities we fill our days with.

Most of us would be enjoying the surf and sand as well as the pool. We would be spending time outdoors, sweating under the heat of the sun and in the water for too long. This just means that the skin would be robbed of its natural moisture making it dry. Dry skin is rough to the touch and can be really itchy.

Sometimes very dry skin can get red and start to sting. There is no point putting up with dry skin. You can get your smooth skin back with proper skin care esepcially designed for dry skin. Looking like a lizard is most probably not in your agenda for the summer season.

You need to do more than just give your dry skin a good slathering of lotion once it becomes flaky. Here are tips on how you can keep your skin soft and moisturized all summer long.

Shower Matters

Some people love taking hot showers whatever the season may be. Even this season of hot and hotter days, there are still a few of us who love bathing or taking showers with scalding hot water. Water itself robs the skin of moisture and even more in the case of scalding hot water. Bring down the water’s temperature to a lukewarm.

Bring in Moisture

The skin produces its natural oils to keep it moisturized. However exposure to the elements as well as habits and activities that rob the skin of its natural moisture results to dry skin. But before you lather on moisturizer, you should know that how and when you give your skin some moisture-loving makes a huge difference.

How and When to Apply Moisturiser

So when is the best time to apply moisturizer on the skin? That would be right after you step out of your shower or bath. It is also essential that you pat your skin dry and not rub so that there is little moisture still left. On your damp skin, slather on a generous amount of moisturizer.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Aside from knowing how and when to apply moisturizer, it’s also important that you make use of a potent moisturizer. The Moroccan Argan oil definitely fits the bill! The oil contains numerous nutrients having moisturizing properties. It is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are already great moisturizers. It also comes with Sterols which help retain moisture in your skin. Not only will Argan oil keep your skin smooth and moisturized, but it will also protect the skin from getting damaged as it contains numerous antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Ferulic acid, Polyphenols, and Carotenoids.

Exfoliate and Wear Sun Protection

Remove old skin cells and let new ones to the surface by exfoliating. Sun protection is a must no matter what the season may be. You can use a sunscreen lotion with moisturizer in it.


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