Is Your Work Causing Your Skin Problems?

Stress Can Be Very Destructive To Our Overall Well-Being

If you are a working girl, you are definitely familiar with how demanding and hectic work days can be. Most of us wish for a 2-day work week but as the world would have it we are stuck with a 5-day workweek. For many, Friday is a day to celebrate and Monday is a day to start the cycle of meetings, deadlines, presentations plus other work worries. Amidst all of the chaos and the juggling act, your skin can suffer.

Women have so much on their plate already and skin care problems just add more weight on their shoulders. Here are easy solutions for some of the most common skin problems in the office.

Solutions to Office Skin Problems

Dry Skin Solutions

Most offices have air conditioning and where there is air conditioning there is less humidity in the air. With less moisture in the air this translates to less moisture in our skin ergo dry skin.

  • Feed Your Skin Moroccan Argan Oil

If you’re thinking a great solution is to take out the AC in your office, you probably did not consider the searing heat. Leave the AC alone but rather get a very effective moisturiser. The Moroccan Argan oil is the perfect moisturiser to use. This liquid gold of Morocco is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols which effectively lock in moisture. The oil also contains numerous antioxidants and other nutrients beneficial to the skin.

  • Keep Your Skin Hydrated from the Inside

Aside from arming yourself with a great moisturiser, you should also ensure that your skin is hydrated from within. Drink plenty of fluids most preferably water everyday. Eight glasses of water everyday is ideal. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks as they would dry up your skin further.

Oily Face Solutions

Stress makes your body go haywire, including your sebaceous glands. We all know how work can stress us out.

  • Blotting Papers

Many people who have an oily face would tend to wash their face frequently. This just makes the oil glands produce more oil. When you often strip your face of its natural oils, it would counteract by overworking its sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Your best option is to always have a blotting paper with you.

  • The Moroccan Argan Oil

This precious oil from Morocco can regulate sebum production. If your sebaceous glands are overworking and producing more sebum than necessary, the regular application of this oil would help bring down your sebum production to a manageable level. You should also switch to facial cleansers designed specifically for oily skin.

Acne and Dull Complexion Solutions

Stress, pollution and poor diet can cause acne and a dull complexion.

  • The Moroccan Argan Oil

You may be wondering what’s in this oil that it beats a lot of skin problems. The oil can control acne because of the fact that it can regulate sebum production. It also has Vitamin E which does wonders to the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne from getting inflamed. Its Prostaglandins help renew skin cells helps in giving you that glowing skin. With other antioxidants such as Ferulic acid and Polyphenols skin is well protected from damaging effects of free radicals.