It Only Takes 5 Steps to Achieve Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Keeping Your Skin Healthy And Beautiful Isn't That Hard

Have you been let down by your skin? Are you seeing sunspots, fine lines and blemishes? Or perhaps your skin is acting up and your face is becoming the playground of acne? When you look at your skin do you see a glowing complexion or a dull one instead?

Well don’t get too depressed as you are not a hopeless case. You can actually still do something to revive your skin. What you need to understand is that skin care should be done daily and not just when you feel like doing it. Daily skin care is crucial if you want to revive the beauty and health of your skin.

So what can you do? Here are helpful steps to rejuvenating your skin.

  • Quit smoking and minimise your alcohol intake. Cigarettes and alcohol contain toxins that can damage your skin. Smokers usually develop wrinkles at an early age. This is because collagens are destroyed and oxygen is robbed from the skin. Alcohol does the same damage.
  • Wear sunscreen protection everyday. Contrary to popular belief, you actually need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun not just while you are out on the beach or playing outdoor sports. You actually need to protect your skin from the sun’s rays every time you are headed out the door. Make sure that you use a sunscreen lotion with a minimum SPF of 15. Also you should note that you should apply the sunscreen lotion at least 15 minutes before heading outside.
  • Moisturise the skin daily. A good pick in moisturiser is the Argan oil. Argan oil has components that are great for the skin such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Sterols, Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Linoleic acid, Ferulic acid, Prostaglandins, Squalene and other antoxidants. This oil moisturises and nourishes the skin. This oil as also prevents skin aging.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercising sweats out the toxins in your body. This also prevents unhealthy weight gain. Weight gain actually leads to skin breakouts. Exercising is also a healthy way to fight stress. Stress is another factor that damages the skin. If you are always stressed out your collagen production is decreased which will lead to skin sagging and wrinkles. If you notice most world leaders are stressed out and their skin is one of the first signs to show how stressing their work can be. If your work is stressing you out be sure to do some exercises to fight off stress. You can hit the gym, walk around your neighbourhood or ride a bike.
  • Get enough sleep and rest. Sleep at night is very crucial for your skin to repair and replenish. If you don’t get enough sleep your skin will suffer. You will start seeing wrinkles and your skin can start acting out with pimple breakouts. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to replenish your skin.

If you don’t want to face the world with an unhealthy looking skin then you should see to it that you take very good care of your skin daily. These 5 steps are very easy to follow.

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