It’s Time to Go Organic!

Organic Products Are The Best Choice

These days you have to be very careful with the products you use on your skin. There are many ingredients found in skin care products that are toxic to the body. It’s about time that we start going organic.

First off, one has to understand what organic really means. Ever since consumers started learning about the harmful ingredients in skin care products many started switching to organic products.Of course, many companies producing these personal care products cooked up a devious plan and startedlabeling their products as organic or natural even if they are not. Of course, such labeling works well with many consumers as they tend to think that these products are safe to use. But a simple check on the ingredients label will tell you otherwise.

What Organic Means

So what does organic means? To understand fully the real meaning of organic products let us start with the ingredients used in the product. For skin care products to be organic it has to use organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are those that are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The soil should be all natural and unadulterated. They must be harvested carefully and the processing of these ingredients should be minimal without getting contaminated. Storing of the ingredients must be done properly so that the nutritional value in the ingredients are preserved.

Moroccan Argan Oil

You must ensure that the skin care products that you use is free from harmful toxins. One such product is the Moroccan Argan oil. Argan oil is a pure extract of the Argan nut seeds. The Argan trees grow on Moroccan soils that are free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers. The oil is a potent skin moisturiser as well as an antiaging. It also is effective in fighting and preventing acne, blemishes and stretch marks. The full power of this oil lies in its ingredients. It is packed with Vitamin E, unsaturated essential fatty acids, Sterols, Squalene, Polyphenols and a whole lot more of natural antioxidants.

Did you know that some of the chemicals in skin care products can cause cancer? If you see these ingredients in a skin care product, then you better not let it touch your skin.

Harmful Ingredients in Skin Care Products

  • Fragrance – Fragrance can refer to thousands of different chemicals which usually are either toxic or carcinogenic (meaning cancer causing).
  • Parabens – You would usually see parabens listed as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and ethylparaben in skin care products. Parabens prolong the shelf life of skin care products. The main concern here is that parabens are potentially dangerous and can cause cancer. Recent studies have seen traces of parabens in women with breast cancer.
  • PEG or Polyethylene glycol – It is believed that PEG messes with reproductive hormones and can potentially be carcinogenic.

These are just some of the ingredients that you should make sure are not in the skin care products you are using. It is high time you use organic products on your skin!

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