Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Take on Old School Chops!

Pork Chops Are High In Protein

Who says old school stopped being cool? This recipe adds a fruity tang to the traditional pork chop recipe, with sage and the classic tartness of apples. Dive into this well-loved English country recipe to yield four servings of old school goodness.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Pork chop – 4 pieces of 250-gram chops. If possible choose organically grown
  • Sea salt – For seasoning and to taste
  • Black pepper –Better if you have them freshly ground
  • Olive oil
  • culinary Argan oil – One or two drizzles to get that healthy boost in your dish and a kick of nutty flavor.
  • Apples – 2 of them, preferably unpeeled, with the core removed. Slice them into a total of eight pieces
  • Butter – just a stick or knob of it
  • Sage leaves – a handful, fresh ones would be more ideal
  • Cheese –About 100 grams of strong cheese (though this is optional)

What you’ll need to do:

Get things started by preheating the oven to 200 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In the meantime, take the pork chops on a chopping board, and use a knife to carefully make cuts along the fatty side, taking care that each cut is about 2 centimeters deep. If you prefer, you can have the butcher do this instead while still at the store. The cuts allow for a more thorough cooking, drawing out fat and ensuring the skin is crispy. After making the cuts, sprinkle the salt and pepper over the pork chops thoroughly.

Take the olive oil and pour it in a hot pan. Place your pork chops in the pan and allow them to brown up. This usually takes about two to three minutes on each side. You can also adjust how “well-done” you’d like the pork chop to be, just make the necessary changes regarding cooking time.

After the chops are done, take them out of the pan and arrange them on a baking try. It’s usually a good idea to have the tray oiled beforehand, so the chops don’t stick to the metal. Take the apple wedges and add them to the pan. Add the stick of butter too, and then fry until the contents are all light golden.

Arrange four apple slices each on top of one pork chop. Use the remaining olive oil for dressing your sage leaves; the leaves are what you use to top the four apples you just laid over the chops. This is where the cheese comes in: if you want, sprinkle the very top with some strong cheese. Place the whole baking tray in the oven and bake for about four to six minutes.

Take out the baking tray and if the butter has melted and everything looks a delicious golden brown, you’re done with the pork chops. Drizzle the chops with culinary Argan oil . One or two generous drizzles would do!

This recipe from no other than the charming chef Jamie Oliver is sure a steal! Share this chops recipe to everyone you know!