Keep a Full Head of Hair with These Tips!

Keep Your Hair Healthy By Eating Healthy Foods

Sometimes the most effective methods for solving hair loss can also be the simplest. While investing in hair growth products can work wonders, changing your diet enables your follicles to better cooperate with ongoing treatments for hair loss.

If you want a full head of hair well into your advanced years, here are some food items you’d do well to stock up on.

Foods that Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Load up on protein

What do fish, eggs and beans all have in common? They’re all powerhouse sources of protein.

Hair is made up primarily of protein, specifically keratin, which is a structural type of protein. This is also why the state of your hair can be used to help diagnose a protein deficiency because too little protein will definitely show in unhealthy strands.

However, you need to choose your protein sources carefully. Skip on steaks (they increase testosterone, which can cause hair loss in the long run), and opt for lean meat instead. Examples are fish, calf’s liver, chicken, low-fat cheese, beans, eggs, almonds, and yogurt.

Iron-rich foods

Hemoglobin is a blood component of red blood cells where oxygen molecules attach themselves and are dispersed throughout the different organs of the body, including the scalp.

Hair follicles need plenty of nourishment to produce hair, so circulation to the scalp is crucial to prevent hair loss. Boost the efficiency of your hemoglobin by consuming iron-rich food.

Food rich in iron includes liver, raisins, and cherry juice. Use whole-grain cereals for your breakfast as they’re also packed with lots of iron. To maximize iron absorption, down a good old glass of orange juice, as vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

Introducing silica

Silica plays an important role in promoting hair growth, but it only works if you consume it with fruits and vegetables, as it can only be absorbed when paired with fruits and vegetables.

Silica can be found in bean sprouts, cucumber skins, red and green pepper, and potatoes. Try consuming them raw or cooked lightly, as their nutritional value is greatly retained if not subjected to the heat of cooking.

Zinc for your follicles

You can find rich sources of zinc in seafood like shrimp, mussels, and oysters, as well as red meat, nuts, and poultry. Zinc helps hair growth by strengthening hair follicles. However, excessive consumption of zinc will also lead to hair loss, so try not to overdo the zinc supplements.

Balanced diet

For best results, it helps immensely to follow a balanced diet. Simply incorporate these food items and make sure that your daily meals have three food groups!

Aside from eating foods that promote healthy hair growth, using Argan oil can also help! Argan oil is loaded with nutrients that not only aid in healthy hair growth but also protect hair from getting damaged. The oil is packed with hair-loving nutrients such as Vitamin E and essential fatty acids!

Keep your hair and keep them healthy with these tips! Don’t forget to share these tips!