Keep Skin Looking Young with Just 4 Steps

Many of us would want to retain our youth. The search for the fountain of youth is still a popular discussion and still stirs quite a lot of interest. When it comes to women, aging is a serious and sometimes sensitive topic. Not many women actually reveal their true age.

One of the first telltales of age is the skin and skin aging is something that most women want to slow down, avoid or even prevent. Of course aging is not something that we can stop but skin aging is something that we can slow down. By protecting our skin from the elements that speed up skin aging and proper caring for the skin, signs of skin aging can be prevented and even reversed.

Here are the steps on how you can prevent skin aging.

  1. Moisturise the skin daily. Without regular application of moisture the skin would develop wrinkles and lose its smooth texture. Use Argan oil in moisturising your skin. Not only is this an effective moisturiser because of its Sterols, it also prevents premature skin aging because of its high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are also helpful in minimising and preventing the appearance of fine lines. The Argan oil is also packed with Vitamin E which is known to prevent skin aging and providing skin cells with nourishment. Polyphenols which is an antioxidant and known to prevent skin aging is also found in this oil. Ferulic acid which prevents the damaging effects of UV rays and Carotenoids which protect the skin from damaging effects of free radicals are both found in this oil and are also known to prevent skin aging.
  2. Always wear sun protection everyday. If you don’t like getting wrinkles then avoid unprotected exposure to the sun. This means that you have to apply sunscreen lotion every time you would be outdoors even if you are just running errands or going to the grocery store to shop for your supplies. The sun’s UV rays are actually the most common cause of wrinkles. Get a sunscreen lotion with at least an SPF 15 and apply on your skin 15 minutes before stepping outdoors. Reapply at least after 2 hours after swimming or after perspiring heavily.
  3. Exercise regularly. Your skin will start glowing and look younger with regular exercise. This is because your blood would be able to circulate properly and toxins are removed from the body clearing up the skin. When you exercise your body also produces endorphins which are known to bring pleasurable sensations. This means that you get rid of stress while exercising. Stress is another factor that can cause wrinkles.
  4. Avoiding stress at all cost or at least managing stress is very essential to keep the skin looking young and healthy. When you are stressed your skin will show it. Your complexion becomes dull and you are prone to skin breakouts. Wrinkles will also start showing as stress destroys your collagen. When you are stressed out sing out loud, get in touch with a friend, cook, ride a bike or run.

These steps of keeping your skin young are quite simple and will not cost you thousands of dollars.

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