Keep Your Skin Looking and Feeling Good with Argan Oil

You probably have been lost in moisturisers? Sounds funny doesn’t it? But we have to admit, us women we just love taking care of our skin that we practically go on for hours searching for the best skin moisturiser there is available.

The thing about moisturisers is that there is just too plenty of them in local drugstores and each brand seem to claim that picking them out as your moisturiser is the best decision you could ever do for your skin. We have moisturisers in different shapes and forms. We have them in oil, cream, lotion and serum.

Choosing the best moisturiser for your skin is certainly not that fun especially when you think that the moisturisers you actually did not pick are the better choices. Nobody wants to lose money and when it comes to your skin no women would love the fact that they have purchased a beauty product that actually does not help in making their skin smooth, soft and supple.

Choosing Your Moisturiser

It can seem like the process of buying the moisturiser that will help us in avoiding and getting rid of the lines on our faces actually can cause us wrinkles. Funny isn’t it? To avoid experiencing this moisturiser dilemma, you should first learn more about moisturisers, its ingredients and what your skin needs protection against.

What is a Moisturiser?

So what is a moisturiser? Moisturisers actually help keep the skin hydrated. The different moisturisers that you see in your local drugstore keep the skin hydrated in different ways. Hence you actually need to know which of these moisturisers will work best for your skin.

What’s Your Skin Type?

First off you need to know your skin type. Are you the oily type, dry skinned or normal skin type? If you are the oily type the best moisturiser to go with is water-based. You don’t want to make your face oilier by opting for an oil based moisturiser. If you have the normal type of skin, neither oily nor dry, consider yourself lucky. But don’t take this as a sign that you don’t need moisturising, you still do. You should opt for any moisturiser that is light water-based. For the dry skin you should go for oil-based moisturisers.

Argan Oil Moisturiser

For all women experiencing dry skin and fine lines and even acne breakouts, Argan oil is the best moisturiser to use. In fact this Moroccan oil has become a great buzz in the beauty industry. It’s most likely that your favourite spa or beauty parlour uses this oil as one of its beauty products.

Why is this oil from Morocco creating a big buzz? The story lies behind its components. The Argan oil is rich oin essential unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Sterols, Ferulic acid, Carotenoids, Polyphenols and other antioxidants. These ingredients give the oil its moisturising properties and also anti aging properties. Another benefit of the oil is that it protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Definitely your skin needs regular moisturising. Be sure to choose the best moisturiser for your skin.

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