Keep Your Smile and Your Youthful Skin!

There are plenty of reasons for us to smile. Smiling can brighten your day and even someone else’s day. But smiling can lead to the formation of lines right around the eyes and the mouth. Of course this is no reason for you to stop smiling. Don’t start thinking that grinning is the solution to remedy this situation. Read on and learn how to prevent creases and lines from showing on your face and keep your skin feeling and looking smooth and youthful.

How Wrinkles Come About

  • Loss of Volume
    Over the years, your skin will start losing fat and also start producing less hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is a substance responsible for sealing in moisture. This is the reason why older skin when compared to younger skin is thinned and drier. The skin starts wearing crinkles, creases and lines once it starts losing volume.To remedy this, keep your skin moisturized. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on the skin such as Argan oil to keep it rehydrated and give it a temporary plumpness. You can also resort to filler injections.
  • Less “Snapping Back”
    When the skin starts to age what happens is the collagen and elastin fibers starts to break down. The result is the skin’s ability to snap back into place such as after making a facial expression (i.e. smiling) is reduced. This process is hastened with exposure to sunlight. You can minimize damage by wearing sunscreen lotion everyday whatever the season may be. A broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion is recommended. The use of skin care products packed with antioxidants is also recommended to help protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. The Moroccan Argan oil is one product loaded with antioxidants and other skin loving nutrients. You can also use skin care products that hold ingredients that aid in the production of collagen such as Vitamin A or peptides.
  • Repeated Movements
    Repeated facial movements can result to lines. When we smile, the skin creases in the same place. All of us smile, most of the time and this repeated movement wears down the tissue that lies underneath where the creasing takes place. In time, even after we stop smiling or our muscles are relaxed, a line remains. Now don’t stop smiling just because it can give you lines around your eyes and mouth. The best thing you can do to minimize crow’s feet and lines around your mouth is to limit other motions that can make them worse. For example, you can wear sunglasses to avoid squinting your eyes which can cause crow’s feet. You can also consider having Botox done to remedy this situation.

Although smiling may in time gives us creases, lines or crow’s feet, this would never be enough reason to stop smiling.

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