Keeping Fit During the Cold Cold Season!

The weather may be freezing but this is no excuse for you to forget about your workout routine. Exercise is important to keep your body healthy and keep your skin beautiful and sporting a healthy glow all winter long. There are numerous exercises that can be done both indoors and outdoors to keep you fit.

Important Tips

  • Dress the Part
    You should remember to dress the part. If your workout routine will be done outdoors, then you should make sure to wear clothing that will keep you warm. The word to remember is layering when it comes to dressing up for your outdoor workout. You need to layer, layer and layer so that you don’t get cold and abandon your routine. Your first layer of clothing should not be made from cotton as it gets too moist quickly which will make you feel cold. You should also remember that even when it’s very cold your body will still sweat. But your sweat will quickly cool once you stop moving. To keep your body’s temperature at a comfortable level, it is best to wear multiple layers of clothing.It is also ideal to have a thin layer of moisture control fabric. This will gather or draw the sweat from your body. To maintain body heat, add on a top layer of wool or fleece. Don’t go out without a weatherproof jacket, gloves and earmuffs. You should also be wearing shoes with deep traction so you don’t slip on wet and icy surfaces.

Winter Workouts

Here are workouts that would keep you fit during the cold season.

  • Running
    Running is an exercise for all seasons. It offers tons of benefits. When you run, your energy levels as well as your mood are improved. This is because when you run, your body produces endorphins! Another good reason why you should keep running even when the temperature drops is the findings of researches showing that the cold weather can actually help boost your running time and you’ll end up burning more calories. This is because in cold temperature your body will require more energy to keep warm. If you love running on the beach during the warmer seasons, give a hike in the snow a try. You’ll love how the snow hike will give you a good workout. Of course you should always remember to dress for the part. Have a pair of insulated boots on when snow hiking and wear clothing that will keep you warm.
  • Indoor Exercises
    If you’re not very welcoming to the idea of braving the cold to work out, then do indoor exercises. You can try rock climbing, dancing, kickboxing, racquetball, indoor cycling, badminton and many other recreational sports and activities that are done indoors. You can also do aerobic exercises such as yoga or pilates. You may also want to hit the gym to keep your body working and sweating.

Don’t make the cold weather your excuse to slack around. Keep your body fit and you’ll love the results!

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