Kick Out Pregnancy Woes with Moroccan Argan Oil

Many women say that carrying a child in their womb is definitely a precious time in their lives second only to giving birth. However pregnancy also brings along some things that most women are not too happy about. Talk about impossible cravings that never seem to stop, soreness in the muscles, skin breakouts, dry skin, dry hair, swollen feet and hands and of course stretch marks.

There is a solution for most of these pregnancy woes and that is the Moroccan Argan Oil! Never heard about this oil? It’s quite unthinkable since the oil has been making waves in the beauty industry and across almost all nations. The oil is extracted from the nut seeds of the Argan fruits. The Argan trees bearing the fruits grow exclusively on the soils of Southwestern Morocco.

The oil has been called many names and the two nicknames that caught on were liquid gold of Morocco and Moroccan miracle oil. The oil has been used for many years now by the Berber tribe native to Morocco for culinary, medicinal and skin care purposes. Now, the oil has finally reached the modern world and what a loud bang it made and the moise continues to echo on!

So what can this oil do? Well, this liquid gold of Morocco can prevent stretch marks, bring the moisture back to your hair and skin, reduce acne, inflamation and get rid of acne marks and even soothe your aching muscles. With all of these benefits found in the oil, it is no surprising that many pregnant women are clamouring to get a hold of this precious oil from Morocco.

Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks with Argan Oil

During and after pregnancy, many women develop stretch marks in the bellies. Stretch marks are very common to pregnant women since as the baby grows inside the womb, the skin is stretched and at the rate that the skin is growing, its fibers are not able to handle this fast growth. The liquid gold from Morocco is effective in improving the elasticity of the skin therefore preventing stretch marks from appearing. Apply the oil daily on your belly in a circular motion.

Restoring Healthy Hair with Argan Oil

Because of the oil’s high content of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it can bring back moisture to your hair and restore it back to health. Massage about 12-15 drops of the oil unto your scalp and dry hair and let it soak. It is best to leave the oil overnight.

Keeping the Skin Healthy with Argan Oil

The essential nutrients that benefit the hair are also beneficial to the skin. Vitamin E is a nourishment for skin and essential fatty acids are great skin moisturisers. Antioxidants protect the skin from damages and aging.

Acne and Acne Marks

The oil is potent when it comes to controlling sebum production. Just like when you were a teen, during pregnancy, your hormones are going haywire therefore excess sebum is produced which can lead to acne breakouts. It also has anti-inflammatory components which prevents acne from getting inflamed and worsening. Its high content of Vit E prevents acne scarring.

Soothing Massage Oil

The oil is also soothing to the muscles. In fact Argan oil is used by people with arthritic and rheumatic conditions to relieve pain.

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