Know the Signs of Vitamin E Deficiency

The entire body needs certain vitamins and minerals to for essential functions to be accomplished, for good health, and for endurance. One of the most important vitamins that the body requires is Vitamin E. Found in different nuts, seeds, and oils like argan oil, vitamin E is an important nutrient one should not take for granted. Known for slowing down the aging process, argan oil helps to make skin look young by preventing wrinkles. Vitamin E is also a good diuretic, thereby helping proper and healthy urination. Vitamin E is also well known to help prevent cancer, cataracts, and cardiovascular diseases. With all of its good effects on the body, it is vital to know when your body is lacking this vitamin.


Vitamin E deficiency in infants can cause severe problems. Some of the most common problems that come from an infant’s lack of vitamin E include:

  • Eye diseases such as retrolental fibroplasias. This eye disease affects prematurely born babies that could be resolved but may also lead to blindness in some serious cases.
  • An infant’s poor eating habits, delayed growth, and loss of weight could also be a sign of vitamin E deficiency.
  • Some developmental problems like physical and mental problems could be attributed to a lack of vitamin E in the body.


Just as infants would need vitamin E, children also need them as well. When children do not have enough vitamin E in their system, health problems may occur. These would include:

  • Growth abnormalities that include slow growth in children.
  • Muscle problems that include muscle weakness, lack of muscle coordination, and loss of deep tendon reflexes.
  • Neurological shortcomings caused by chronic liver diseases.
  • Eye problems such as ptosis or dropping eyelid and even the paralysis of the extra-ocular muscles which are responsible for eye movements.
  • Speech disorders like dysarthria or motor speech disorder.


  • Lack of vitamin E could lead to different reproduction and infertility problems for adults.
  • Skin problems like age spots and wrinkles could also be seen.
  • Mild anemia is another negative effect of lack of vitamin E in the body.
  • Eye problems like cataracts.
  • Other serious problems include neurological deficits, muscle problems, liver and bone marrow abnormalities.

Vitamin E and the aging process

Another important function of vitamin E for the body is its ability to delay the aging process. For men and women who are conscious about their looks and their skin, having sufficient vitamin E will help one look young and fresh. One good source of vitamin E is argan oil. 100% pure argan oil has extremely high contents of vitamin E. So a few drops of this oil gently massaged to skin, hair, and nails will provide the body with enough vitamin E.

Because vitamin E is extremely needed by the body, it is also essential for each person to take notice of their vitamin E consumption. Application of vitamin E rich oils is also needed to maintain the body’s balance. Stay healthy and look young with argan oil and vitamin E!

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