Know What Not to Eat to Keep the Skin Healthy and Gorgeous

Eating A Healthy And Balanced Diet Is The Key To Smooth Skin

It has been said that the eyes is the window to the soul. You probably know this already. What about the skin? Did you know that the skin mirrors a person’s over all health? Good health means healthy and beautiful skin and if you are having skin problems such as acne, dull complexion, signs of premature skin aging etc this can be an indication of an unhealthy body caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, poor hygiene and poor skin care.

Beautiful and healthy skin comes from within. What you eat is an essential part of skin care. In fact everything that we consume as food can bring nourishment to the entire body or damage the body including its largest and first line of defence which is the skin.

We all have been taught that a healthy and balanced diet is what we should be eating. Our 3 meals daily should be a combination of carbohydrates, protein, fibres and healthy fats in healthy quantity. However most of us eat in large quantities while some of us are eating just plain unhealthy meals.

It is best to get your carbohydrates from whole grains, your protein and healthy fats from fish and your fibres from fruits and vegetables. Use Argan oil as a drizzle to your bowl of fresh leafy greens salad or grilled as well as steamed fish. The Argan oil actually contains vitamins and antioxidants essential to the skin.

If your meals are mostly cheeseburgers, French fries, pizza and other drenched in oil food then you definitely would be suffering not just from unhealthy skin but other major health problems such as life threatening heart diseases, diabetes and others. Here are some other foods to avoid if you want healthy and beautiful skin.

Foods to Cross off Your Menu

  • Sausage, bacon and ground beef – Yes they are delicious and they are a source of protein but they also come with trans fatty acids and saturated fats. The combination of these two makes them not just unhealthy for the skin (causing wrinkles and hastening the process of skin aging) but also damaging to the heart.
  • Butter – But butter makes bread and almost all dishes creamy and sumptuous! But if you consume butter on a regular basis and in high amount you are not just damaging your skin you are as well giving your heart quite a battering. Butter also contains trans fatty acids.
  • Pasta, raisins and baked beans – Mama mia! Even pasta?! If you love Italian dishes or if you are Italian you might have a hard time giving up pasta (baked beans and raisins perhaps this would be a little easier to give up). These 3 actually have lethal combinations of carbohydrates which spike up the level of glucose in the blood. Having high levels of glucose in the blood is the perfect set up for skin damage to start taking effect as well as inflammation.
  • Cake, (full fat) ice cream, sugar – Anyone with a sweet tooth will start going ballistic when deprived of these sweet treats. These foods are glycemic. If you are not familiar with this term it just means that the food has high levels of easily digested carbohydrates. Such food has been known to cause acne breakouts.

Scrap out the foods listed above on your daily diet and stick to a healthier plate.

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