Knowing How Healthy Nails Look Like

It cannot be discussed enough how important nails are to everyday living. People and even animals use their nails daily in various tasks without even noticing it. What do you use your nails for? Are you using them right now to control your computer mouse accurately? To type in onto facebook? To send a text message to a friend? The nails serve so much purposes in your life and caring for your nails is of utmost importance to be able to continue using them. When you say you want beautiful nails do you actually know what healthy and beautiful nails look like? This article will help you learn just that.

The right color

The right and healthy color of the nails is pink. This pinkish color should start from the cuticle up to the part where the nails separate from the skin. If you notice a yellowish or whitish color on your nails you may want to have your nails checked by a doctor. Yellowish shades may be from respiratory conditions while whitish discolorations maybe from psoriasis.

The right size

The size of your nails is defined by the side edges. Side edges should end where while still on top of your finger. If it goes beyond that of a regular hangnail then you may be experiencing nail clubbing. Have your nails checked.

The right moisture

Nails should be strong and hard but they should still be moisturized and not dry. Keeping your nails, fingers, and hands moisturized helps them do their functions properly. Aside from doing functions right, moisturizers also make nails beautiful. A good nail moisturizer is argan oil. An oil that comes all the way from the southwestern parts of Morocco, argan oil will help you keep nails, fingers, and hands moisturized. Rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids – argan oil seeps deep into one’s nails to give it strength and nutrients. Argan oil will also help make nails get better color, grow faster, and keep the over healthy of nails at a positive light.

The right texture

When your nails are healthy the texture should be smooth. So when your feel ridges on your nails, lines, and worst of all indentations you might want to have your nails checked. Indentations across your nails could mean so many things like having Beau’s lines. This could be brought about by different things such as injuries of the cuticle, malnutrition, circulatory diseases, and even an uncontrollable diabetic disease. Look into your nails carefully and check out possible reasons for lines and indentations on your nails. Work on getting smooth nails on each of your nails. Keep nails protected and healthy to get the right texture.

Having beautiful looking nails, strong, growing properly, with the right color, size, texture, and moisture will help your nails do their functions properly. Keeping your nails active and properly working would be easy when these information are taken into heart. Know how healthy nails look like and be able to distinguish probable nail problems.

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