Knowing How the Hair Grows!

Daily activities factor in on hair loss. Sometimes you may notice excessive hair loss, other days it seems like you don’t lose that much hair. Hair loss is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. When hair reaches maturity or is older, it falls out and is replaced by new hair follicles. This is all but normal. However, some may experience excessive hair loss, this then becomes a reason for concern.

Just what is the normal hair loss in a person?

Normal hair loss is dependent on genetics and is somewhat individualized. People with blonde hair for example have high hair density, about 140,000 hair follicles. People with black hair have about 110,000 hair follicles. On the other hand, those with red hair have the lowest, about 90,000 hair follicles. Type of hair would greatly affect the number of normal hair loss.

The average hair loss in a person per day would be around 40-100 strands. This would vary depending on hair type, age, gender, and activities. The older people get, excessive hair loss is more probable to occur. Thus older men would be experiencing balding as they grow older. Women who excessively brush their hair would tend to have a higher normal hair loss than those who do not. Those who keep their hair styled often would also have a higher average hair loss than others.

Knowing how the hair grows

Scalp hair grows at an average of 6 inches per year and an average of .3-.4mm per day. There are three stages of hair growth which are:

Catagen Phase
This is the stage where the hair root sheath shrinks and attaches itself to the root. Also called the transition phase, this stage runs about 2-3 weeks.

Telogen Phase
This is the resting period and lasts for about 100 days for scalp hair.

Anagen Phase
This is the activity phase which lasts for as long as 2-6 years. This is the stage where hair cells divide and new hair growth happens.

Helping your hair grow faster

There are effective ways for you to help your hair grow faster. One of these ways is by regularly using argan oil for your hair. What is argan oil?

Argan Oil

Argan oil is an all natural product that comes from Morocco. All natural just means that no added chemicals were added to the oil. It is taken from the fruits of the argan tree which is only found in the Southwestern parts of Morocco.

Known to have extremely high contents of nutrients such as Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil is known for its power to help beautify various parts of the body such as skin and hair. When regularly used in your hair and scalp, argan oil is able to increase the speed of hair growth. Hair will also become moisturized and strands will be stronger. Scalp on the other hand will become more healthy and will be eliminating dandruff and dryness.

If you have problems regarding your hair and scalp, look no further to solve your problems. Argan oil is the answer. Being all natural, you are assured of its safety. Known for rich properties, argan oil is the answer to your problems.

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