Lack of Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight!

We know that a good night sleep makes the skin more beautiful and healthier. It also makes you feel energized and ready to face the tasks for the next day. But did you know that sleep can also improve your body’s ability of burning fat? That’s right! When you get a good night sleep you are most likely to lose unwanted pounds!

These days, many people are suffering from poor sleeping habits. Our modern and always on the go lifestyle can make it hard for one to get their much needed sleep. Lack of sleep can make people feel anxious, tensed, tired and on the edge. The bad news is since we need energy to get things done the next day, we counter the effects of sleep deprivation with caffeine and sugar. But this is not the healthy solution at all and this won’t fix the very problem. Not only do you feel all drained out when you haven’t slept well, your body starts ballooning as well when you’re sleep-deprived.

Lack of Sleep and Weight Gain

How is lack of sleep making you gain weight? When you don’t get enough sleep you start having hormonal imbalances. These hormonal imbalances will mess with your body’s metabolism. When you lack sleep you start feeling hungry more often, you have a decreased sense of fullness and your appetite goes up. This creates a good scenario for weight gain. Plus when you don’t get your much needed sleep, your body starts craving for calorie dense and high carb foods like sweet treats, chips and other salty snacks as well as starchy foods. This creates an even more plausible scenario for weight gain.

How Sleep Burns Fats

So how does sleep help burn off excess fats and shed away those unwanted pounds? When your body gets its needed rest, its ability to burn fat is improved. Your eyes may be closed and you may already be in the realms of dream when you sleep but it is also during this time when your body metabolizes carbohydrates very efficiently. This metabolic process of carbohydrates is crucial since this is where your body gets its energy. Lack of sleep messes this metabolic process. Instead of turning carbohydrates into energy source, the body starts storing them which means weight gain.

How to Promote Good Sleeping Habits

  • Work Out
    To start your path to good sleeping habits, you should make your body work. That’s right! Exercise promotes better sleep. Do cardio/aerobic exercises such as walking, running, riding a bike, dancing or swimming. You can also do strength training such as Yoga and Pilates. Working out will reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body which promotes deep sleep.
  • Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapy can improve your sleeping habits. Surround yourself with calming and relaxing scents such as lavender.
  • Practice a 15-Minute Calming Bedtime Routine
    If you have trouble sleeping, you should set 15 minutes for a routine that will calm your mind and body. Dim the lights or better turn them off, shut off your television and listen to a relaxing and soothing music or recorded voice.

Hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight!

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