Can I get Better Skin with Lactic Acid?

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You may have heard about lactic acid building up in your tissues as you exercise. However, this organic compound can also be found in today’s leading skincare products. Lactic acid is actually a molecule that’s normally found in milk, which is then fermented for a certain amount of time. Learn how this same lactic acid can improve your skin with just a few applications.

Softening Skin Tissue

Your skin is held together by some strong forces, including:

• Proteins

• Cellular membranes

These forces are so strong that old and calloused skin will remain in place for a very long time. Lactic acid breaks down these bonds so that the new tissues can emerge from below. You’ll have a soft glow about your face as a result.

After applying the lactic acid, moisturize the same area with argan oil. The new tissue will continue to look fresh as a result.

Improving Dry Skin

Lactic acid is incredibly gentle on the face compared to other products. Although there is acid involved in this natural substance, it works on a subtle level to improve your skin, especially on dry patches. Find lactic acid in these products that can be applied to your entire body, such as:

• Body cleansers

• Soothing creams

Add argan oil to your beauty regimen to further improve the dry-skin areas too. Its gentle, age-defying properties complement the lactic acid.

Argan Oil Is Appreciated In The Cosmetic Industry

Blending Skin Tones

Because lactic acid reveals new skin, your overall tone should improve too. Enhance the new look with argan oil dabbed onto the skin in the evening and morning. Taking care of the skin and keeping it away from synthetic products only preserves your overall color.

If you have particularly patchy skin, consider a lactic-acid peel. Professionals are usually the best people to contact for this skin procedure in order to reveal fresh skin without any complications.

Reducing Breakouts

The oils produced by your skin create blemishes well into your adult and senior years, including:

• Acne

• Blackheads

• Whiteheads

Use lactic acid to cleanse your face, and top it off with argan oil afterward. Both of these natural products will condition your skin with an inherent balance. You won’t notice dry or oily skin patches anymore.

Fighting Skin Aging

The skin renews itself with both lactic acid and argan oil so it makes sense that fine lines will fade away. In fact, you’ll see fewer aging details, such as:

• Sagging skin

• Wrinkles

A daily regimen of cleansing and moisturizing with lactic acid and argan oil is the key to smooth skin that seems to stand the test of time.

Do you have a lactic-acid beauty secret? Share your thoughts with other readers by adding a comment in the section below. By combining lactic acid and argan oil together, you’ll see a definite change in your skin’s quality.