Learn the Secrets of Beautiful Nail Art Here!

Want to know the secret to a perfectly polished nails? We’re spilling them out so read on!

Secrets of Beautiful Nail Art

Proper Nutrition
Beautiful nail art is not just about designs. No matter how stylish, hip, and trendy a nail art or design is, it would not come out as beautiful as it can be with an unhealthy set of nails. A healthy set of nails is the foundation for creating beautiful nail art. Proper nutrition is the key to healthy nails. So make sure that you follow a balanced diet. Your diet should have various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein as well as healthy fats. For dairy products, it is best to go for low fat ones.

Keep Them Moisturized
Keeping the nails moisturized is your weapon against dried out nails and fingers. Dry nails are prone to cracking, splitting and breakage. To keep your fingers and nails moisturized, make sure that you apply lotion or hand cream after each time your hands get in contact with water. Applying cuticle oil on your nails and cuticles regularly is also a great way to prevent them from drying out and becoming brittle. The Argan oil is an excellent moisturizer for the nail beds and cuticles. This oil has potent moisturizing properties thanks to its high levels of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and sterols. Simply apply a small amount on your nails and give your nails a gentle massage, making sure that the oil also soaks the cuticles.

Shape Them Properly
Your nails serve as the canvas for your nail art. In order for the nail art to come out beautifully, you will of course need a beautiful canvas and the key to this is properly shaping the nails. So before applying any color on your nails, be sure to cut and file them first. A squoval or squared-off oval shape is one of the most flattering shapes to go for. To properly shape your nails, clip straight across first making sure that you clip down to a length that is manageable. To get your nails shaped as you desired file down using one direction to prevent your nails from splitting.

The Techniques in Applying the Color
Roll the nail polish bottle first. The rolling action helps in ensuring adequate color distribution. To make sure that you don’t end up with globs of polish on the brush, scrape it along the inside of the bottle. This will remove excess polish. The gliding three-stroke technique is ideal in applying color. Your first stroke of application should be in the middle. Remember to apply a bit pressure to the brush for the polish to get evenly distributed. You should also remember to apply a base coat before applying your choice of color.

It has been said that patience is a virtue. If you want a set of perfectly polished nails, you’ll have to be patient. Don’t rush things especially the drying part.

Follow these tips if you want a set of perfectly polished nails!

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