Learning More About Rosacea

Rosacea Is A Very Common Skin Problem For Women Aged 30 Above

Only a few people have knowledge about rosacea. I just recently found out about rosacea. Tennis actually led me to getting to know about rosacea. I am fond of playing tennis and one of my newest favourite tennis stars is the 2012 Aussie Open champion Victoria Azarenka or Vika as she is fondly called. If you follow tennis you might know her for her loud shrieks when playing. They say that she even shrieks louder than Maria Sharapova and louder she did become in the 2012 Aussie Open championship match last January as she defeated Maria Sharapova in straight sets 6-3 6-0.

Before Vika snatched the 2012 Australion Open trophy, I was already a fan of her powerful strokes. Most tennis fans can’t deny that her shrieks on court is an announcement of her presence. But one thing that I noticed is how red Vika’s cheeks become after a few minutes of being on court. It was like she had a blush on, well too much of a blush on. It was rather cute. One of my tennis friends mentioned that Vika might have rosacea. I of course asked Rosacea-what?

My Curiosity on Rosacea

My curiosity led me to research on rosacea. I found out that this is a common skin condition which usually starts off when someone tends to blush or flush more often and easily compared to most people. Those who have rosacea may have permament flushed skin. The redness is usually in the center of the face then eventually spread to the cheeks, chin and forehead. There is more to rosacea than redness. It can actually lead to acne-like breakouts, dry and easily irritated eyes as well as blood vessels on the face becoming visible. I of course still do not know if Vika Azarenka actually have this skin condition.

Dealing with Rosacea

People who are noticing these symptoms should consult a skin doctor to get a proper diagnosis. You are better off with a diagnosis than be left second guessing what can be the source of your discomfort. Of course, once you have been properly diagnosed, you would know how to properly care for your skin to prevent your rosacea from getting worse.

No Cure Yet for Rosacea

You may be seeing several skin care products that would claim to cure rosacea but you should know that there is no cure yet for this skin condition. It would be weird for skin doctors to keep the cure for this condition a secret. This news should not let you feel down as this skin condition can be managed.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Rosacea

Skin should be kept moisturised especially if you have rosacea. However you should see to it that the moisturiser you use would not make your skin greasy and clog its pores. When pores are clogged this can aggravate Rosacea and result to bumps on the skin. Vitamin E-packed Moroccan Argan oil is actually an effective moisturiser to treat symptoms of rosacea. This non-greasy oil is easily absorbed by the skin and does not clog the pores. It is also rich in Sterols which locks moisture in, antioxidants and nutrients withe anti-inflammatory properties.

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