Learning More About Skin Cancer

Cancer is a word that everybody fears. Going to the doctor and having something checked, waiting for the results, and finally hearing the big “C” as the findings is something nobody should ever experience. Having skin cancer is the same if not even worse. The reason why it could be worse is that skin cancer is not only one of the top kinds of cancer experienced by man, it is also one of the unpopular cancers.

Learning about skin cancer will help to spread the word and hopefully save a few lives. The more one knows, the better prepared he or she is on this dreadful sickness.


  • Itchiness, tenderness, pain, or any change in sensation in any part of the skin.
  • Any change in the skin especially in one’s mole should be taken seriously. A new growth, the size and color of the mole, or any other dark pigmented growth should be looked into by an expert.
  • Pigmentation that spreads beyond the border of a mark or a mole. An example of which is dark coloring around a mark on the skin that spreads.
  • A change in the appearance of a bump or a nodule.
  • Scaliness, bleeding, and oozing in any of the skin marks, nodules, or moles.


  • Avoid the sun during peak hours which is from 10am to 4pm.
  • Look for good shades. Go under a roof and stay away from the sun during the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Remember the sun rule: when your shadow is shortest, that is when the sun’s rays are the strongest.
  • Use sunscreen and lip balm. Protect your skin and your lips from the sun by application of good sunscreens with good SPF. Remember to reapply the sunscreen and lip balm after a few hours and after swimming.
  • Avoid sources of UV light such as tanning beds. These could do damage to your skin as much as the actual sun rays.
  • Slip on a shirt, wear a hat, and use those protective sunglasses to protect your skin even on slightly cloudy days.


Argan oil for the skin is a good way to help the skin fight off cancer. How? By regular application of this all natural oil to your skin, it is able to give the skin nutrients that help protect the skin from the sun. And because the sun is one of the highest culprits in skin cancer, protecting skin from it is essential.

Argan oil is well known for its powerful effects on anti-aging and its effects on good health. What is not so popular is its power to help protect the skin from the sun. Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, argan oil is the natural product that could save your life. Daily application of this oil, even with just a few drops, will help protect your skin.

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