Lesser Known Hair Breakage Culprits

Been experiencing hair breakage? Usually the cause of hair breakage is due to dryness, over styling or over manipulation of hair or heat. It is true that these are the usual suspects in hair breakage but there are also other culprits that are usually not suspected. Learn more about these hidden culprits here.

The Not So Popular Culprits of Hair Breakage

  • A diet lacking or low in protein. Your hair is mostly made up of keratin, which is a type of protein. Keratin is built from amino acids from the food we feed our body with. If your diet is lacking or low in protein this can result to weaker and thinner hair strands with translates to breakage and even hair loss. So make sure that you are feeding your body with enough protein. Include nuts, chicken, fish, legumes into your diet as they are great sources of protein.
  • A diet lacking or low in zinc, iron and Vitamin B-12. If you have deficiency in any of the mentioned nutrients, you can get weaker hair strands therefore making you prone to hair breakage. Hair loss can even result from such a deficiency. To make sure that you are getting these nutrients you can resort to taking a multivitamin daily. You should also include food sources that are loaded with zinc, iron and Vitamin B-12. Great sources of iron include red meat, egg yolks, dark leafy greens, mollusks, dried fruits such as prunes and raisins, turkey or chicken giblets, beans, artichokes as well as liver. Seafood such as oysters(cooked), lobsters and crabs are great sources of zinc. Meats such as beef, lamb, pork as well as salmon are also high in zinc. Nuts such as cashews and seeds such as pumpkin and squash seeds are also rich in zinc. Excellent sources of Vitamin B-12 include salmon, sardines, shrimp, halibut, scallops and yogurt.
  • Washing the hair using sulfate shampoos. Most sulfate shampoos or those with SLS and ALS listed in its ingredients are harsh on the hair causing the strands to weaken which leads to breakage or hair loss. It would be ideal to switch to a natural or plant-based shampoo or one that is gentler to avoid hair breakage.
  • Overexposure to the sun can also lead to hair breakage. If you spend a lot of time under the sun especially during the summer months, your hair strands can start to weaken which can lead to breakage. If you have overexposed your hair to the sun, repair damage by deep conditioning your hair regularly. A conditioner with protein is an ideal choice. Getting a trim is also a good remedy. You can also apply Argan oil as it helps repair hair damage and protects hair from getting damaged thanks to its numerous antioxidants.

Avoid these culprits of hair breakage and make sure that you follow a good hair care regimen to avoid this hair issue.

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