Let Your Fine Hair Bounce with Volume!

If you have curly hair, you want you have fine hair. If you have fine hair, you want it to have volume. Confusing, right? But that’s just how life is. Instead of trying to make sense of our very complicated nature, let’s just help the latter make her wish come true, shall we? Strengthen Hair Fine hair is especially prone to breakage so it’s best to moisturize regularly to strengthen it. Even if you have a great hairstyle, if you’re head is a crown of split ends then I’m sure you’d still be moping after. Fine hair is sensitive to harsh chemicals so use products that are all natural and organic. Argan oil, for one, is a great example. This miracle oil from Morocco is so organic that it even has a culinary version that you could eat. That’s how safe and healthy it is. Argan oil is packed with essential oils and nutrients that will nourish and revive your fine, limp hair. It is also loaded with antioxidants that will help protect your sensitive locks from environmental damage. Go for Great Stylists Scissor cuts are apparent on fine hair so go for stylists that know precision cutting. This is also true for hairstyles that involve razor cuts. To avoid having a crown of shredded looking hair, make sure your stylist has experience in razor cutting. Hairstyles that Give Volume There are a number of hairstyles that will give your fine hair volume. A bob is a great cut as it has layers that will give your hair an illusion of thickness. Side swept bangs and even full bangs add volume as well. Make sure to take account though of your face shape when choosing the right style of bangs for you. Also, veer away from hairstyles that are difficult to maintain. For instance, a style that requires daily blow drying. Again, fine hair is susceptible to breakage so go for hairdo’s that will look good even without too much styling. The Right Length Individuals with fine hair can go for long lengths but only if they don’t want volume. Layers will only give an illusion of thickness if its more apparent and long hair will only weigh down these layers. Stylists advice a do that’s just above the shoulders. Just like bobs, layers are more easily visible at this length. If you want volume but you’re afraid to sport a bob or full bangs, then a layered hairstyle with just the right length might just do the trick. Make sure to trim your hair tips regularly to remove split ends.