Let Your Skin Stay Young and Beautiful with Argan Oil

Many women rely on skin care products found in the shelves of department stores. Many are willing to pay thousands of dollars just so their skin stays young and beautiful. But keeping the skin healthy is the best way to maintain its beauty and youth!

When skin care is discussed most women would brag about the skin care products in their beauty night stand. Although skin care products do help in keeping the skin young and beautiful, they only cover a small portion of proper skin care. Young, beautiful and healthy skin starts with living healthy.

Caring for Your Skin the Right Way

  1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Many people seem to have a problem in this area. Because of the fast paced life we are living many of us have been used to eating unhealthy meals. Fast food chains are everywhere! The bad news is the meals that are served in fast food chains are very unhealthy not just for the skin but for the overall body. Greasy and oil soaked meals in big portions are what’s on the menu. Fast food meals are also high in unhealthy fats and cholesterol! “A heart attack waiting to happen” is what best describes fast food meals! Balanced and healthy meals are those complete with protein, carbohydrates, fibres and healthy fats. Your plate should have leafy greens and fruits. Healthy fats come mostly from fish and fish is loaded with protein. For your daily intake of carbohydrates, stick to whole wheat grains.
  2. Sleep right! Sleeping for 8 hours a night is the ideal number of hours that you should doze off. Stop partying until the wee hours of the dawn and allow your body to rest, repair and recover. It is at night time when you are asleep that skin cells grow, repair and replenish. This entire process lasts for about 8 hours.
  3. Exercise regularly! Good blood circulation promotes good health and beautiful skin complexion! The entire body including the skin is kept healthy as oxygen and nutrients are delivered in all body parts. Exercising regularly also keeps unhealthy weight off! This is also a good stress reliever as the body produces more endorphins that are responsible for pleasant sensations.
  4. Throw out your vices! Smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your health! Studies have shown that cigarettes can cause lung cancer! Nicotine in cigarettes also blocks the skin’s blood vessels thus the flow of oxygen and nutrients are cut off! Collagen is also destroyed by cigarette smokes. Without oxygen and collagen the skin loses its elasticity thus wrinkles and fine lines start appearing. Alcoholic drinks also do damage to the skin. Alcohol dries out the skin and we all know that dry skin is susceptible to damage! If you can’t stop drinking at least see to it that you minimise your alcohol drinking habits.
  5. Protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays. Use sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or higher everyday to avoid the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays! Remember you are preventing wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentations as well as skin cancer by doing so.
  6. Apply Argan oil to the skin daily! The Argan oil will moisturise your skin as well as bring nourishment to it because of its components such as essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Sterols, Polyphenols and many more. It is also packed with antioxidants that protect the skin from the damaging effects of the elements.

Follow these 6 steps if you are serious about having beautiful and young looking skin!

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