Let Your Summer Photos Reveal Beautiful and Healthy Skin and Hair!

This summer season, are you ready for your close up? The summer season is always a time where many pictures are snapped. Your friends and family get together or spend a vacation and visit different tourist destinations.

You would probably be hanging around in the beach for days or simply be outdoors doing fun summer stuff almost the whole season. What you would not notice since you are having too much summer fun is that your hair and skin are both being damaged by the elements of the season.

The summer season brings in stronger UV rays, dry winds, chlorine and sea salts. These 4 elements are truly damaging to the skin. If you look back in your past summer photos you would notice that your hair and skin get worse as you go deeper into the summer season. You definitely don’t want to continuously batter your skin and hair.

So what should you do to avoid damaging your hair and skin while enjoying summer time? Here are some summer skin and hair care tips to keep in mind.

Summer Loving for the Skin and Hair

  1. Do not bask in the sun for a very long time. It would be better if you are under the sun during the early parts of the day. By the time the clock hits 9 or 10 am you should already be indoors. It is a bad idea to be under the sun when it’s high noon. The UV rays emitted by the sun are at its strongest. Not only is this bad for your skin and hair, this is also bad for your health.
  2. Do not forget to wear sunscreen. This applies both to your skin and hair. The UV rays are known to be the number one cause of wrinkles and fine lines. To avoid this you should lather on sunscreen lotion to your skin daily. Remember that the lotion should have SPF 15 or higher and you should apply the lotion to your skin at least 15 minutes before leaving your house. You should also use a leave on moisturiser for your hair which has sunscreen. Don’t forget to wear your summer hat to protect the hair from drying out and breakage.
  3. Never skip the part where you moisturise your skin and condition your hair daily. To replenish the essential oils that your skin and hair lose everyday, always use a skin moisturiser and hair conditioner.With the wind, heat, chlorine or sea salts battering your skin and hair during this season you would need to use a very effective skin and hair moisturiser. It is best to use the Moroccan Argan oil as your hair and skin moisturiser. The oil effectively adds and locks in moisture. Not only is the Argan oil effective in bringing in moisture to your skin and hair it also has skin aging fighting properties as well as repairing and renewing properties.

If you follow these 3 steps then you would not have trouble remaining looking gorgeous in your summer photos. Definitely your friends and families will notice how healthy, young, clear and smooth your skin looks as well as your hair being shiny, smooth and silky.

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