How do you pick the Best Lipstick?

How do you choose that next, great lipstick color? For many women, simply trying on the color is the best way to determine a purchase. There are so many variables, however, including lighting and clothing colors, that can make the wrong hue seem perfect at the time. Take a close look at how you can choose the best lipstick for your skin tone every time.

1. Exploring The Undertones

There are three undertones to anyone’s skin color, including:

• Pink

• Yellow

• Neutral

Your undertones and overall skin tone depends on genetics so you can’t change any aspect of them. It’s possible to accent the best parts of your face, however. If your skin looks fantastic with silver jewelry, you have pink undertones that match well with purple or blue lipstick colors. Yellow undertones match with gold jewelry, which indicates that warm lipstick colors are in order.

2. Darker Tones

When you have dark skin, bring out its incredible depth with dark reds, purples and other associated hues. Trying any pale colors will only drown out your lips and make them less pronounced.

Use lip liner to further accentuate the face as well. The liner should closely match the lipstick’s color, but not exactly. You want some distinction between the lip’s edges and interior color.

3. Fair Skin

When you have fair skin, the color palette opens up wide for you. Consider these colors for your lipstick collection, such as:

• Bright red

• Deep pink

• Magenta

• Metallic blue

Most colors reflect well on fair skin, but pale hues should be avoided. Pale pinks, yellows and other similar colors will only wash out the skin around the face. Fair-skinned people need colors that help their features pop out as you go about your daily activities.

4. Olive Complexion

Olive complexions typically have a neutral balance between yellow and pink undertones. With this fact in mind, nearly the entire color spectrum is open to these skin tones. Dark, pale and other hues complement the skin so consider matching the makeup to the clothing.

Dark clothing should be matched with similar lipsticks, including deep plums or reds. Warm-color lipsticks go well with yellow blouses, especially when spring arrives. Be aware of your entire outfit and makeup choices to pick out the best colors.

5. Caring For Your Lips

It’s impossible for one lipstick to cover or hide any unhealthy skin issues. Dry lips will still pierce through the best lipstick on the market. As a solution, rub argan oil on your lips before applying any color. Allow the oil to absorb into your lips.

As you swipe the lipstick’s tip across your lips, you’ll notice that the color goes on with ease. It actually looks more even as you complete your makeup application. Argan oil heals the skin so that dry lips are a thing of the past.

In the end, you must take care of your lips for any colors to look right on your skin. Share this article with your loved ones so that they can start using the tips during an upcoming shopping trip. Healthy lips will only play up the color that you choose, and a night out on the town will be that much more fun.