Men Should Also Care For Their Skin Because It'S Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Listen Up Men! Women are More Impressed with Clean and Healthy Skin

Who knew that men would actually start caring about their skin? In this modern age although women still dominates the world of skin care, more and more men are actually also starting to care for their skin. Let’s admit it men also need to care for their skin. Men caring for the health of their skin are seen as more “manly” these days. If you want to impress women and score high points then you should start taking good care of your skin.

You are most probably a stranger to skin care regimen but don’t worry most men are. It is easy to learn the basics of skin care and with regular practice you would be able to get the hang of it. So how should men care for their skin? Read below for helpful skin care tips.

Skin Care Tips for Men

  1. Men usually use soap for every inch of their body. Most men even use soap to wash their hair. Well first off, from the neck down, it is okay to use soap but from the neck up, soap is a no go. In washing the face, a cleanser formulated for men should be used so that the skin does not dry up. See to it that you wash your face twice a day that is once before going to bed and once after waking up in the morning.
  2. When shaving you should make sure that you use a razor which is capable of a close and smooth shave. This would avoid nicks and cuts that can turn to scars. You should also see to it that you use an after shave that is alcohol free.
  3. Apply moisturiser daily. Most men would be confused as to what moisturiser to pick. You should pick Argan oil. Argan oil moisturises the skin, protects it from being damaged by UV rays and free radicals, nourishes as well as prevents skin aging.This oil has all these benefits to the skin because of its components. It is packed with Vitamin E, Sterols, Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Linoleic acid, Prostaglandins, essential unsaturated fatty acids, Ferulic acid and Squalene. If you are not familiar with these words, which most probably is the case, all you need to know is that these components of the oil are good for your skin.
  4. Protect your skin from the sun everyday. 15 minutes before heading out your door, lather on sunscreen lotion to your skin. Be sure to apply lotion to all of the exposed and even unexposed skin. The UV rays from the sun damage the skin badly. They go deep down the skin to destroy DNA and collagen resulting to deep set wrinkles. Prolonged exposure to UV rays actually also cause skin cancer.
  5. Exfoliate at least once a week. You shed off dead skin cells everyday and if you do not exfoliate the dead skin cells actually gather and your skin becomes rough. Exfoliate so that you eliminate accumulated dead skin cells and have a clean and smoother skin.

Impress the women or the apple of your eyes with your healthier, younger and smoother skin with these 5 simple steps.


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