Look Stunningly Beautiful with a Short Hairdo

A Short Hair Can Help Your Neck Feel Cooler

Still hiding behind your long locks? Some women still think that to look more feminine and prettier they need to sport a long hairstyle. This is certainly not true. There are quite a lot of women sporting short hairdos who still look feminine and of course are very pretty. Short hairdos actually open your face and thus revealing the eyes. It has been said that the eyes are one’s greatest asset.

Why Wear a Short Hairdo?

Here are some reasons why you should consider cutting your hair short.

  • Most short hairdos are quite easy to care for.
  • For sporty women, short hairstyles are ideal.
  • Short dos give you a face lift while long hairstyles can pull down your features.
  • Short hairdos also look smart, edgy yet professional.
  • Cutting your hair short with regular trims also plays a crucial role in making the hair healthier.

Your Options in Shortdos

So how do you decide which shortdo is the do for you? This part can be tricky. Should you go for the sleek cut just above the ears? Would you look good on a bob? Is the razor-cut with spikes, a style you can pull off? Or should you just go for the fluffed around the ears and nape cut? For someone who has never cut their hair short, this can be really tough. So what’s a girl supposed to do?

This is when magazines come in handy! You can browse through pages of magazines and check out hairstyles of different celebrities. Check out their facial features and compare them to yours. Check out the shape of their face, the shape of the forehead, their cheekbones and the jaw line. If you almost have the same features with the celebrity wearing the shortdo, you would most probably look good in that short hair style too.

Of course, it is very important to consider how you would feel about wearing a certain hairstyle. You should be comfortable with the short do you pick out. Just because your favourite celebrity is wearing a certain shortdo, that doesn’t mean you would have to follow suit. Keep the focus on you. If you liked a certain haircut and you think it suits your features, you should still ask yourself if you would be comfortable and confident wearing such style.

Famous Personalities Wearing a Shortdo

Who said that shortdos will hide your beauty? Certainly people who think this have not seen these famous personalities looking beautiful as ever in a short haircut.

  • Sharon stone looks stunning in a shortdo.
  • Another Sharon who looks fabulous with a short hairstyle is Sharon Osbourne.
  • Sigourney Weaver is indeed beautiful in her shortdo.
  • Who can forget how majestic, charming and lovely Princess Diana looked in her short hairstyle?

These women in their short hairdos certainly look gorgeous! And there’s no question about it!

Caring for Your Short Hair

Just because short hairdos are very manageable, it does not mean that you don’t have to care for it anymore. It is best to love your hair with natural products packed with nutrients that keep hair healthy and protected like the Moroccan Argan oil!

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