Lose the Acne (Not Your Money!)

Never Give To Acne Problems, You Can Fix Them

How much money have you spent on anti-acne medications, creams, ointments and solutions? Have you been throwing out your money on anti-acne products with grand promises but your acne still remains? This has happened to many women (and men) and the situation is just too dire as you are on the loosing end. You have lost money but have not lost the acne. Of course you want things to be the other way around. You want to lose this skin problem without wasting money!

What You Can Do Against Acne

1. Go to a Dermatologist
You can stop self-medicating and instead go to a dermatologist. Dermatologists are experts when it comes to the skin and solving skin problems such as acne. Your dermatologist will closely examine your skin and prescribe treatments according to the type and severity of acne you have as well as your skin type. A dermatologist will also advice you how to care properly for your skin and recommend a healthy diet which are all helpful in battling this skin problem.

2. Start Exercising
Exercise has tons of benefits to your overall health, including the health of your skin. Can exercise clear up your case of acne? Experts agree that it can. Regular exercise helps balance out any hormonal imbalance – which has been known to cause a spike in the production of sebum, which experts believe to be one of the culprits of acne. When you sweat, your body also releases toxins which can contribute to the development and worsening of acne. Exercise also promotes better circulation so nutrients essential to the skin are delivered. A healthy skin is less prone to acne.

3. Relax
For sure, acne is bothersome but worrying about it will do you no good at all. Stressing about your skin problem can actually make things worse. So relax, it’s just acne. Plus, you don’t want to make this problem a lot worse which stress can definitely do.

4. Practice Good Skin Habits
Keep your skin clean and keep it moisturized. A great moisturizer to use is the Argan oil. Dry skin can worsen acne as your oil glands would be triggered to produce more sebum to try and moisturize the skin. If you went to a dermatologist, she probably recommended a moisturizer for you to use. Use what your dermatologist recommended. If you insist on using other moisturizers such as the Argan oil, it is best to ask your dermatologist first. Stop picking, squeezing, and pricking your pimples. You’ll only make things worse. Keep your hair clean and away from your face.

5. Get Enough Sleep
According to experts, lack of sleep can worsen acne and even cause acne to develop. So instead of spending hours and hours in front o your computer or mobile device, checking in on your social media accounts or playing games, go to bed and give your skin a chance to repair and renew itself. Studies say that the skin repairs and renews itself at night and this process takes about 8 hours.

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