Love That Squeaky Clean Feeling? Think Again!

It has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness. Many of us will agree. The fact that there are many everyday products meant for cleaning the body is a strong testament to how we want to stay clean. But too much cleanliness can be a bad thing. Can it really be? Everyday personal products designed for keeping the body clean can actually contain harmful ingredients. So you should see to it that you take precaution when buying such products.

Anti-bacterial Mania

There are good bacteria and there are those that can cause nasty infections. It seems that our generation today is so obsessed with getting rid of bacteria. You will see the words “with antibacterial” plastered on numerous everyday products. Many are obsessed with using hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps. Most commonly, triclosan is the anti-bacterial ingredient found in our hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps. The bad thing about triclosan is that it has been found to cause malfunctions in the endocrinal and reproductive systems. There is nothing wrong with being clean but overdoing it can result to a disaster. Overuse of triclosan can give way to strains of bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotics we have.

The Foam Obsession

We have this thinking that the more foamy or bubbly a product is the cleaner we would be. When you bathe or shower, those suds really leave you with that clean-feeling and you feel all good. But did you know that those suds can leave you not only with that feel good clean feeling but also dangerous and even toxic effects to the body?
SLS/SLES is the foaming agent used in personal products. Its main role is to bring the dirt to the surface which is why we associate that feel good feeling with suds. But SLS actually strips the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The result is not good at all. Irritated, rough and dry skin is what you will get.

The Dangerous Effects of SLS

The skin absorbs the chemicals you rub in it and SLS when absorbed into the body has more dangerous effects. SLS mimic the hormone estrogen and it can cause PMS and menopausal symptoms, drop male fertility and also increase your risks of getting breast cancer.

The Dangerous Effects of SLES

The alcohol form of SLS is SLES. SLES may irritate your skin a little less compared to SLS but its dangerous effects should not be taken lightly. SLES can not be metabolised by our liver. Its side effects will last much longer. Studies and tests conducted have shown that both SLS and SLES can make the hair weak and brittle which also lead to hair loss.

So before buying any product that promises that squeaky clean feeling, check out its ingredients. Cleanliness is healthy only if done in moderation. In keeping the body clean we should be wary of the ingredients in personal care products we use. Avoid the harmful chemicals discussed above. It is more advisable to go for products that are organic or natural without these harmful chemicals. Be sure to read the ingredients first!