Loving Your Curls!

Do you love your curls? Or are you most curly-haired people who go through lengths defying their natural hair? While some straight-haired people would love to sport a curly hair, many naturally curly-haired people would want to straighten the ringlets of their hair.

Our society today still has this notion that beautiful hair is long and straight. But it seems that at least today more people are throwing this notion out the window. And it really is high time that we stop believing this wrong notion. Beautiful hair is healthy hair whether it is straight, curly, long or short.

Many naturally curly people undergo chemical straightening treatments as they believe that this would whip their curly locks straight out. But chemical hair straightening treatments can turn your curly locks straight but most of the time these treatments result to stiff and unnatural straight hair that you can use your hair for sweeping. You probably have seen someone’s head of hair looking like a broom. This is usually the result of chemical hair straightening treatments. Another problem with having a chemical hair straightening treatment is when your hair reach its re-growth phase. You’d see some of your hair having waves and the rest straight and very stiff.

The chemicals used in hair straightening treatments are also damaging to your lively hair. Exposing your hair to harsh chemicals would result to irreversible hair damage which is definitely something that you would not want to live with. If you are naturally curly and you are still desperately battling your curls, you are on the losing end. You should learn to love your curls and if you would just let them be you would soon find out that your natural curls are lovely.

Curly hair is wash and wear. You don’t have to suffer from early wake up calls and really early morning showers just so you can blow dry your hair. You would not have to deal with awkward regrowths and that constant light and sometimes annoying teasing about your hair looking like a broom. So there’s really no reason for you to pay for chemical straightening treatments which only result to hair problems.

The reason why many curly haired people feel like their curls spell bad hair day every single day is because they do not know how to manage their curls. Here are helpful tips!

  1. The right cut will tame your unruly curls. Stick to a length past your shoulders to easily manage curly hair. Long layers will help as well. If you are more edgy, a bob is your best cut.
  2. Having an effective hair product handy is essential. The Moroccan Argan oil is great for your hair. It will tame, strengthen, moisturise, repair and keep your tresses healthy. The Moroccan Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and numerous antioxidants and they do wonders to the hair. Just apply the oil to your hair and scalp, then wrap your hair with warm towel for about 20 minutes then rinse or leave it soaked in the oil overnight.
  3. Shower only with lukewarm water and shampoo only at most thrice a week. You can however condition everyday.

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