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What Are The Best Care Tips For Low-Porosity Hair?

Your natural hair is a gift of genetics, but everyone has a different type of texture.

Most people think of curly or straight hair when it comes to styles.

There’s another feature that influences your daily styling techniques, however.  Your hair’s porosity can either be low, medium, or high.

What is Low Porosity Hair?

Low-porosity hair has tight cuticles or outside shafts.

Although this feature contributes to a shiny hairdo, you’ll also struggle with moisturizing those locks.

Discover how you can effectively care for low-porosity hair with these tips.

1. Style With Dampness

You confront several issues when you style your low-porosity hair, including:

  • Excessive moisture impeding styling habits
  • Dry hair creating “frizzy” conditions

The answer to this dilemma is waiting until your hair is damp.

Allow it to slightly dry after a shower, or spray your dry hairdo with a water bottle.

The dampness makes your hair more manageable. Moisture gives some weight to the hair so that it can be curled or styled in another way.

You won’t deal with a dry and damaged hair, which is nearly impossible to style without wayward locks finding their own place on your scalp.

Be aware that this moisture will evaporate as you work through the hair shafts so use hairspray and other products to hold it in place.

2. Seal With Lightweight Oils

You’ve seen essential oils in the store before, but you never knew their value until now.

The best oil for low-porosity hair is argan oil. This pure product comes from trees grown indigenously to Morocco. Argan oil offers specific benefits to your hair, such as

  • Lightweight feeling
  • Moisturizes the hair shaft
  • No greasy sensation

An added benefit to argan oil is its nutrient-packed consistency. You’ll find fatty acids, vitamins, and other elements that only nourish your hair.

Regular, argan-oil use will only lead to a healthier head of hair with exquisite shininess.

Simply apply the oil to the hair shaft as you move it down its length with your hands.

The pureness of the product is felt almost immediately as it’s rubbed between your fingers and hair.

In most cases, the oil lasts the entire day as it slowly absorbs into your cuticle.


3. Deep Clean Regularly

It’s true that many products will rest on your cuticles as you style your hair each day.

After a month or longer, the hair looks practically wilted. You need to clarify it with a buildup cleanser.

Try a few different treatments, including:

  • • Cherry Lola
  • Clay
  • Baking soda

It’s not necessary to perform these treatments every day.

In fact, your hair benefits from some buildup because it nourishes the shaft.

Try a monthly or bimonthly ritual to cleanse your hair.

After the fact, your hair will actually absorb more products as a result of a healthier cuticle.

4. Warm It Up

A simple tip to help anyone with low-porosity hair is employing warmth.

Carefully warm your conditioner, essential oil, and other products used in the shower or afterward.

The temperature makes a difference as the product absorbs into the hair.

You’ll notice a marked difference in your hair’s quality when everything applied to it has a warm temperature.

Manage your hair with ease by following these tips.

Share this article with friends so that everyone understands the science behind those locks.

Low-porosity hair can be easy to style when you have clever strategies and oils on your bathroom counter.


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