Some Beauty Products Contain Unwanted Chemicals

Make Sure Your Beauty Products Do Not Contain Any of These Ingredients!

Your everyday products may contain chemical ingredients that can harm your body. These chemical ingredients can have deeper and longer lasting effects than what you think. We at Argan Oil Shop would like to keep consumers well-informed about their everyday personal care or beauty products for their own safety.

Here is a list of synthetic chemical ingredients commonly found in everyday personal care products and its effects on the body.


Commonly used synthetic chemicals as preservatives are Parabens, BHA/BHT, DMDM hydantoin, phenoxyethanol and TEA(triethanolamine). These chemicals have ill effects on the body. They may cause cancer and tumors. Your immune system may also weaken because of these chemicals. They can cause allergies, irritations and also trigger early signs of aging.


Popular personal care products usually have fragrance in its labels. The most popular chemical ingredients used in them are synthetic Parfum and Phthalates. Beauty products with these ingredients must be avoided since these ingredients can damage the liver and reproductive organs.


Antibacterial ingredients must be good for the body right? Well not necessarily. There are chemical ingredients used as antibacterial in beauty products such as Triclosan that can do harm to the body. Triclosan actually causes malfunctions in reproductive and endocrinal processes.


Many of us want to keep our skin, hair and nails moisturised. So we seek personal care products with moisturisers in them. But most of the beauty or personal care products make use of synthetic chemicals for its moisturising properties and consumers should be alarmed as these synthetic chemicals with moisturising properties can cause harm to the body. Mineral oil, Dimetichone, Petrolatum and Paraffin are the most popular synthetic chemicals used as moisturisers in personal care products. These chemicals coat the skin like plastic therefore clogging the pores. They also slow down the natural functions of the skin and its cell development. These chemicals would even hasten skin aging.


Most commonly used surfactants in personal care products are SLS/SLES or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate, ALS/ALES or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate/Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. These synthetic chemical ingredients can irritate the skin and eyes.


Lake dyes and FD and C colors are just a few of the synthetic chemicals used as colorants in personal care products. Consumers should be aware that these chemicals are actually neurotoxic and possible carcinogens. A carcinogen by definition is any substance or anything that directly plays a role (or an agent) in causing cancer.

Check the Ingredients Always

It’s alarming to see that most personal care products actually contain these harmful synthetic chemicals. It’s best to always check the ingredient label of any product that you’d be using on your personal care routine to ensure your safety. It’s more advisable to use personal care or beauty products that use natural ingredients in them. Most natural alternative ingredients in numerous natural and organic products pose no harm on your health. But just because a product has the label natural or organic, it doesn’t mean that you should skip on checking the ingredients. Some products put a natural or organic label in them even when they contain harmful synthetic chemicals. We at Argan Oil Shop strongly advise that you check and read the ingredients first before buying any product.


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