Makeup Tips for a Youthful Look

Life is full of contradictions. When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to start wearing makeup. You’d sneak and hide just to be able to wear that blue eye shadow and red lipstick without your mom seeing you. Now that you are bigger and older, you wish you could stop wearing makeup because you think it makes you look older. But for some women, going out without make up is just like going out naked.

When your make up is making you look older, you are probably wearing too much makeup, picking the wrong colors or using incorrect application techniques. There are tips and tricks in make up that can actually make you look younger.

Makeup tricks for a younger looking you

Prime your skin

Fill in those pores and lines to allow your foundation to glide over your skin. A primer will also help to keep your face from drying out and becoming mask like at the end of the day.

Contrary to popular belief that foundations can make you appear older, an evenly applied foundation in the right shade can make your face look smooth and younger.

Say no to dark lips

When you age, your lips become thinner. It may be a sign of intelligence as some people would say, but it is also a very visible sign of aging. Avoid wearing deep reds, plums or oranges but rather opt for lighter shades such as rosy reds or shades with a hint of pink for a youthful look. Your best bet is the shade nearest your natural lip color, probably a shade or two darker. You can also gloss up your lips instead of applying lipstick. Gloss makes lips look fuller and younger.

Put away the shimmer

The “shining lights” actually highlight wrinkles and your skin can appear crinkly. Blend silky, matte shadows to camouflage the fine lines. Sweep a light shade of peach or champagne from your lash to brow to brighten the eye area. Choose a sheer shimmer if you must. These are light and airy and will not make your makeup look heavy.

Hide crow’s feet

Adopt youthful looking eyes by applying a concealer in an upward motion. Remember to apply concealers evenly and lightly. You don’t want your makeup to settle into the lines and make you look even older.

Adopt a good skin care routine

The key to looking younger is keeping your skin in tip-top shape. Use gentle cleansers and moisturizers like Argan oil. Argan oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants that work against skin aging.

Make the necessary changes in your regimen with these beauty makeover tips for a youthful looking you.

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