How Can I Make A Face Mask At Home?

Paying for a facial where a face mask is part of the service conjures up worries about affording the process altogether. There’s no need for you to shell out the big bucks for a face mask. In fact, you can make your own masks at home.

Explore the natural resources found in your own kitchen as you create homemade, face masks. Your skin will look and feel brand new once again.

1. Egg On Your Face

When you have dry skin, the entire face feels tight and itchy. Find your dry-skin solution with an egg facial. Separate the white from the yolk, beat the yolk in a bowl and apply this yellow gold to your face. The proteins and oils within the yolk moisturize the skin.

Rinse off the egg after 30 minutes. Dry skin is a constant battle so you may want to try this facial once a week. There are always eggs hanging on the side of your refrigerator door.

2. Argan Oil For Exfoliation

It takes effort to care for your skin, and you’ve been busy lately. Built-up skin cells on your face make the surface dull and unsightly. Grab your argan oil, drizzle several drops into one tablespoon of brown sugar and carefully scrub your face.

The sugar has rough edges, which exfoliates the skin. As skin cells slough off, the argan oil reaches deep into your pores. This oil offers several benefits, including:

• Eases inflammation

• Rich in vitamins A and E

• Offers antioxidants for your immune system

Try this beauty regimen two or three times a week to keep up with exfoliating processes.

There Are Plenty Of Kinds Of Natural Oils

3. Squash Out Those Blemishes

Acne can really put a damper on your facial appearance. Fight those blemishes with squash, honey and tea-tree oil. By mixing these ingredients together, you’ll have several benefits.

The honey gives your skin a glowing texture as the squash perks up your collagen production. Tea-tree oil actively fights inflammation, which is at the core of any breakouts. A weekly treatment is all that you need to prevent those blemishes from ruining your night out.

4. Yogurt Refreshes The Pores

Yogurt is full of natural elements that boost both your inside and outside features, such as:

• Calcium

• Vitamin B

• Vitamin D

Most people use it as a facial that tightens those frustrating pores that seem to gape open. The key to tightening the pores is the lactic acid within the yogurt. Simply use plain varieties to see the best results.

Use yogurt exclusively on your face, or mix it with aloe, orange juice and pulp. You’ll see dead skin slough off while the pores close up in record time.

5. Oatmeal Cures the Oils

Fight your oily skin by mixing cooled, cooked oatmeal with one tablespoon of lemon juice and one egg. The oatmeal keeps the skin calm as the lemon juice balances out the oily surfaces. Although the egg is mainly an ingredient that holds everything together, it also conditions the skin.

Try an oatmeal face mask once a week for the best results. Eat the unused oatmeal so that the rest of your body can benefit as well.

Don’t keep this information to yourself. Share it with your friends so that they can feel the benefits of a homemade, face mask. You’ll save tons of money while wiping the years off of your face. It’s time to see the new you with essential oils and natural items backing up the process.