Man! It’s About Time You Keep Your Nails Well-Groomed!

When you ask most men how they care for their nails, you’d probably get the cutting of nails reply. Well, it is true that men’s nail care usually is only about cutting the nails when they grow too long. Grooming is already a touchy subject for most men and nail care is no exception. However, these days we are seeing a trend that more men are caring more about being well-groomed. It is in fact important to be well-groomed since it is mostly about hygiene! And nail care revolves around personal hygiene. Although men’s nails grow faster than women’s, it is the women who trim their nails regularly. Men often only cut their nails when they become too inconvenient, when their partners tell them to clip them off or when they are out to impress. But the nails deserve much more attention from men than what they usually get. Since men’s nails grow at a faster rate and are thicker and larger compared to women, this just means that men’s nails are more prone to bumps as well as bangs. Top it up with the fact that most men love doing physical labours such as fixing the car, doing carpentry works etc, making the hands and nails all dirty. Some men still think that nail care and skin care is too feminine. Well, reality begs to differ. Many famous male celebrities and personalities including your favourite male superhero Dark Knight and Iron Man for example are actually well-groomed and if you chek out their nails, they are well-trimmed, clean and even sometimes manicured. Another motivation that would get you caring for your nails is the fact that the ladies find dirty and unkempt nails repulsive. You would have a very slim chance of impressing them if you have long and or dirty nails. The most important reason why you should kept your nails trimmed and clean is the fact that long and dirty nails can give you various illnesses. You use your hands everyday and your nails can pick up dirt and microorganisms that can cause you to be ill can hitch a ride and eventually make their way into your body. You need tools as well as products when caring for your nails. Aside from your trusty nail clippers you need to have a nail file, a nail brush, a cuticle pusher and perhaps a nipper. You should also have a separate nail clipper for your toenails. Aside from these tools, you also need products for your nails. The Moroccan Argan oil should be one of the products that should be included in your nail care kit. The Moroccan Argan oil will strengthen and moisturise the nails. It will also condition your cuticles. The oil is packed with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which are both essential to keeping the nails healthy. Moisturise the nails with the Moroccan oil so they are less prone to breakage, splitting and cracking. Just coat your nails with the oil or soak them in at least twice a week!