Man Up and Follow the 6 Steps to Healthy Skin!

Even Men Should Have A Healthy Skin

Men care differently for their skin than women do. Actually men tend to care less about their skin. However men should absolutely care for their skin. The process of shaving facial hair absolutely damages the skin.

The good news is more and more men are beginning to realise that caring for their skin is absolutely necessary. Skin care goes deeper than avoiding wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and blemishes. It goes beyond looking young and beautiful. It actually is all about being healthy.

So how should men care for their skin? Here are some advice on how men should look after their skin.

6 Skin Care Tips for Men

  1. Quit smoking – You see the warning in the cigarette packs that says smoking is dangerous for the health. This warning itself should get you to quit smoking or not even start lighting a cigarette at all. When it comes to quitting cigarettes, the earlier the better.When you light a cigarette stick, the smoke actually produces millions of free radicals. Free radicals damage the skin and actually your health.
  2. Limit your alcohol intake – Alcohol does not only dry the skin. It actually damages your liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys, stomach and your brain. If you care less about making your skin look and feel smooth then you should start caring more about your other organs previously mentioned.
  3. Give your body the sleep and rest it needs – You need to sleep at least 8 hours in a night. The body rejuvenates itself during sleep. This is the time when damaged cells, muscles and tissues are repaired. Not only is sleep important to replenish the skin it is indeed in fact important in rejuvenating the mind and body.
  4. Exercise regularly – Working out regularly is a way for you not just to have beautiful skin complexion this is actually about keeping your body strong and healthy. Stop fiddling with the TV’s remote control or video games consoles and hit the gym or start running. If you can’t do heavy work out routines yet stick to walking or riding a bike.
  5. Shave in your shower – Men should remember to shave while in the shower. If you plan on shaving do it after you have taken a shower and before stepping out of the shower area. Your facial hair will be soft and plump because of the warm moisture from the shower. The pores are also open. Exfoliate before shaving. You should also use a shaving formula that lubricates so that your razor can glide smoothly thus avoiding scraping the skin. Leave your shaving formula on the skin for a minute before shaving. Remember to always use a sharp blade and shave with gentle strokes. Usually shaving blades are only sharp enough to shave for 4 or 5 times after such you need to get a new one. Your aftershave should not contain any alcohol, menthol or citrus ingredients.
  6. Moisturise daily using Argan oil – Argan oil moisturises, repair and prevent skin aging by protecting the skin against harmful UV rays and free radicals.

These 6 rules are simple enough to remember. Don’t be too stubborn and just follow these 6 skin care tips.

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