Mature Women Can Wear Their Hair Long Too!

Long Hair Is Beautiful For All Ages

Do you believe that there are certain hairstyles for specific ages? In the past, the prevailing norm is that women past their youth should only wear their hair short. These days, this is no longer followed but there are still some people who believe in such and still maintain that mature women should only wear what is called “age-appropriate” hairstyles. But such notion has been quashed already. What is age-approptiate and who says what is appropriate? Today, age is considered just a number and should not have any bearing on one’s personal sense of style.

Wearing It Long

So who said you could not wear your hair long when you’re already past your hay days? Wehave listed some women who are past their hay days who chose to follow their own sense of style (specifically hairstyle) rather than listen to what society dictates. Certainly these women would not let anyone interfere with their personal style!

  • Elizabeth Hurley – Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley certainly chooses to wear it long even though she is already in her forties. The gorgeous Hurley dazzled everyone in Bedazzled playing Satan. Her long locks definitely makes her look sexy and without a doubt youthful!
  • Stevie Nicks – Frontwoman of the legendary band, Fleetwood Mack, and a legend herself, Stevie Nicks chooses to wear her hair long. Already in her 60s, the singer and songwriter is an inspiration to many generations. This rock and roll icon will definitely not heed to the notion that long hairstyle is just for the young!
  • Susan Sarandon – An Oscar-award winner, political activist and humanitarian, Susan Sarandon is an icon in her own right. Her chops in acting can not be questioned. She has made us laugh, cry and made us want to tap into our rebel side with her roles. Susan Sarandon is definitely a strong woman who would not just let anyone dictate her hairstyle. She likes wearing her locks long and definitely she looks beautiful as ever. And definitely even if she would cut her hair short, she will still look stunning!
  • Steffi Graf – Smoldering in the tennis court and considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Steffi Graf has been wearing her hair long for many years. Steffi’s impressive records on the court has made her an icon in the tennis world. Today, she is already in her forties and she still wears her golden brown locks long and definitely she is an ace for doing so.

Wear it Long and Keep it Strong

These strong and iconic women way past their hay days are still wearing their hair long and definitely they look gorgeous with such a hairstyle. And no doubt, they would look as good even if they sport a short hairstyle. So if somebody tells you that you should wear only an “age appropriate hairstyle”, just think of these women!

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