Men and Nail Grooming!

Hail Trimming Is Also Important For Men

All along women have been saying that men do not care much about their appearances. This may be true but this does not mean that men should actually not care about grooming at all.

The truth is the number of men who are starting to care about well-grooming is growing. Nowadays we see more and more men sporting the clean-cut and close-shaven style. They make many women drool with their no-crease stylish white shirt and jeans get-up with clean shoes to match.

Grooming is about cleanliness. You can not say a man is well-groomed no matter how good looking he is already with his clean clothes, clean cut and clean-shaven face when his nails are not clean and trimmed! And it’s not just about the fingernails but also the toenails! This summer season, you probably would be in your flip flops. So don’t forget about your toenails as well!

Here are some nail grooming tips for men to remember!

  • Keeping Your Nails Well-trimmed -The length of your nails should be the same as the width of a dime. So get your nail clipper and start trimming if your nails are longer than this.
  • The Small and Big Clippers – Use a small nail clipper for your fingernails and a big one for your toenails.
  • When in Public – Never ever clip your nails when you are in a public setting. This is a private matter so keep it private.
  • No Biting Please – Do not chew, gnaw or bite your nails. We already have nail clippers for trimming our nails. This is a bad habit and an unhealthy one. Your hands touch almost everything everyday. This means that somewhere along the way it could pick up microbes that can cause illness. So stop yourself from doing this horrid habit.
  • Spare Your Cuticles – When trimming your nails, never cut your cuticles. Nail clippers are just for nails, hence the name. So after you’re done clipping your nails, do not go on and cut your cuticles as well.
  • When It Comes to Hangnails – Treat hangnails just like a loose thread. Hangnails are dry loose skin which need trimming and not pulling. Pulling your hangnails is painful and being able to bear such pain does not make you “more manly” at all.
  • Calluses – It has been said that a man’s hands is hard and tough. But you should not have to sport calluses just to prove that you’re a macho man. Throw away old sayings in the past. Having soft and well moisturised hands does not mean that you’re less a man. A man is a man and whatever choices he makes in life doesn’t make him less of a man. It just makes him, himself. So for callused hands, there are moisturisers to bring back its softness.
  • Moisturising Nails – Dry nails are prone to breakage and splitting which can lead to nasty infections. So it is best to keep them moisturised. Keep those nails moisturised with regular application of Moroccan Argan oil. This oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Both of these nutrients moisturise the cuticles and the nails. They also are nourishment to the nails therefore regular application results to stronger nails!

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