Men! Get Grooming Now!

You may say that judging people based on their looks is just a bad way of seeing people but the truth is this is how our society is. One can not deny that people have this certain impression on people based on their appearances. If making a good first impression is important to you then you should pay attention to good grooming.

Those who do not give a care in the world about what other people think of them should still give much effort in grooming themselves as this task is all about cleanliness. If you keep your body clean, you are less likely to be a breeding ground of infectious microorganisms.

Men and grroming are two words that seem to be far apart from each other. For many years, men have distanced themselves from this very word fearing that if they practice good grooming they would be less manly. Such a ridiculous belief and thankfully more men are throwing this kind of thinking out the window. Good grooming is all about personal hygiene and taking care of your overall health!

Man Up and Get Grooming!

Here are some good grooming tips for all the men out there! Ladies, if you are reading this, force these grooming habits to your man!

Gun for the Basics

It is essential to have a healthy body not just to get a good impression, but so you would be able to live life to the fullest! How do you care for your body? Eat a well balanced meal three times a day and of course get your body moving. A good workout will get rid of excess fat and make your cardiovascular system stronger. Your muscles will be toned and your immune system will be stronger making you less likely to get sick that often. If you are still finding it hard to quit your smoking and drinking habits then focus your efforts into limiting your alcohol intake and smoking. It would be a struggle but with willpower and determination, you’d be able to quit your vices!

Give Your Skin Some Loving

Look fresh and glowing with these skin pampering tips!

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. Make the habit of filling up your beer mug with water and gulp it down in the morning. This habits will do wonders to your skin’s complexion.
  • Don’t stay up too late. Stop partying all night. Give your body a chance to rest for at least 8 hours each night. When you’re asleep the body repairs and heals itself. Therefore it is at night time that skin cells repair and renew. This process takes about 8 hours to complete.
  • Nourish your skin with Moroccan Argan oil. The oil is packed with nutrients having moisturising properties such as essential fatty acids, Sterols, Vitamin E and Squalene. These nutrients help lock in moisture keeping the skin well-hydrated. Argan oil is also an effective anti-aging product because of its nutrients that cause skin cell regeneration!