Men’s Corner: Pre-Shaving Essentials!

Proper Shaving Knowledge Helps You Avoid Possible Skin Irritation

Do you have the Argan oil in your shaving kit? When you ask men what’s in their shaving kit, you’re already lucky if one man gives you an answer of at least 3 items in their shaving kit. Usually, guys would only have a blade and a can of their favourite shaving foam and shaving is good to go. No wonder why many guys sport cuts and nicks on their faces after shaving.

Guy’s listen up! If you are after a perfect shave minus the cuts and nicks then you better have more than your blade and a can of your favourite foam in your shavng kit! Read on!

Guys’ Shaving Must-Haves

Before you start complaining about the things you would need for your shaving kit which we listed here, give our suggested kit a try first. Don’t jump into conclusions. Once you feel the better results with our suggested kit, you would surely realise why these things are must-haves for your shaving regimen.

Before Shaving Products
You’ll need the following:

Exfoliant Scrub – You’ll need to use an exfoliant scrub on your skin with warm water so that your pores open up. It is recommended to take a shower right before shaving but if you have no time for a quick shower you can just wrap a hot wet towel around your face for about a minute. By doing either the two you’ll get your skin soft and warm and your facial hair or whiskers if you prefer calling them that, all fluffed.

Moroccan Argan Oil
The Moroccan Argan oil is a must-have in your shaving kit. The oil is a potent moisturiser therefore will help soften the hair. Oils also help open skin pores therefore a close shave becomes a possibility. The great thing about this oil is that it contains numerous nutrients having anti-inflammatory properties therefore redness and swelling after shaving can be prevented. The oil is also loaded with components that help protect the skin from damage!

If You’re Using An Electric Shaver…
Don’t forget about the blade oil that comes with it. Before using your electric shaver be sure to dot an amount of the oil on the blades. Once you turn on your electric shaver, let the oil work its way through the blades. The oil helps the shaver work properly. You would not want to shave using rickety blades as you would most definitely end up with either cuts, nicks or an uneven shaved facial hair.

If you are using a manual razor then a powder called dipilatory powder will be ideal to use as it helps avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Another kind of powder is designed for electric shavers and such a powder acts just like the blade oil!

These are just the products you’ll need for pre-shaving. We’ll soon be writing about products for shaving and post-shaving.

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