Men’s Corner: What Turns On and Puts Off Women?

Men With Proper Hygiene Are Always Perceived As Handsome

Your dad probably did not include the use of Argan oil in his advice to attract the opposite sex. Most men idolise their dads and they usually stick to their old man’s advice. And what do men love to talk about? Women!

Your dad may have given you advice about the opposite sex but some of these advice may already be old news and even just pure myths. We don’t want to disrespect your old man but here are some things that women confessed which could knock out some of your old man’s words of wisdom about the opposite sex he shared with you back when you were just a boy or a young lad.

Women find hairy men irresistible! This may be true during his time but these days just a small percentage of women actually find this to be true. In a recent survey participated by women ages 18 to 34 on what turns them on of off men’s skin, only 7% find hair manliness to be irresistible. The hairy look may be pulled off by some rock stars and sports celebrities but not every man can. In fact about 2/3 of the survey participants like their men well-groomed.

Women won’t notice the soap having hair on it. If you’re inviting your girl over for a romantic weekend, you’ll have to clean up your act and yes include your bar of soap in the shower. Most women said that they would definitely be put off seeing a bar of soap looking like a drain pipe. Don’t forget to throw away your old sponge in the kitchen and make sure that you have a new washcloth in the shower too!

Women find a man’s ample wit as the sexiest asset. This can be true for some women but a higher percentage of women don’t agree. Guys would give their buddies advice to be smart, funny and sensitive to attract women but most women said that these things are not enough to get things going with them. Most participants of the survey went on saying that a man having smooth skin would have better odds of getting intimate action. So men, wise up and see to it that you start using hydrating shower gels, scrubs or a potent skin moisturiser like the Moroccan Argan oil.

Rough skin is oh so manly! It may be manly for you guys but for women, rough skin is just plain rough. Most women prefer touching surfaces with soft and smooth texture and aa man’s skin is no exception. Your rough skin may even start irritating your lady’s soft skin which would not score good with her. In this particular survey more than half of the women said they would prefer their men to use shower products that can help smoothen and soften the skin! In the survey, about a third of the women actually said that a man’s soft skin is definitely irresistible.

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