Men’s Grooming: Make the Ladies Swoon Over Your Healthy Hair

A Man With A Proper Grooming Is Every Woman's Desire
Women drool and swoon when they see Christian Bale or Brad Pitt on the tele and what more when they happen to see them walking the street which is quite rare. But these Hollywood men have grooming professionals on their beck and call to make them look, well for the lack of a better phrase “absolutely eye candylicious”! Men love getting attention from the ladies. But the average Joes do not have the grooming professionals in their pockets and at their beck and call. Well, there is great news for the average Joes, as men can actually make themselves a headturner with just a few tips. Let us start with the hair. Most men do not care much about grooming and one of the things men do not pay much attention to is their hair. It is very common for them to just wear the hair they wake up into. It’s not just the ladies who can have hair that can turn heads, the guys can too. And what men should remember in getting their hair become a headturner is that everything starts with a healthy crowning glory. So if you’re a guy reading this post, and for the ladies who would want their men to have healthy and headturning locks, here are a few tips to remember.
  • Wet Locks Need Some Special Attention When the hair is wet, it is more vulnerable. Keratin is the hair’s main component and when water comes in the picture the keratin’s molecules are stretched and weakened. This is why wet hair should be treated with more care. However in reality, wet hair gets a rough treatment most of the time. After washing the hair, most would rub it dry roughly with a towel or a blow dryer and then rub all sorts of hair products in it.To minimise damaging the hair, it is best to wash the hair only when needed. For those who have oily hair, daily washing is necessary but for those who don’t, daily washing is not required. If you overwash the hair, you would be stripping your hair of its natural oils that serve as its protection and moisturiser. Blot dry the hair and use a wide-toothed comb for undoing tangles.
  • Condition with Moroccan Argan Oil The Moroccan Argan oil will not only keep the hair moisturised. It will also keep the hair protected from damage. The oil is packed with nutrients such as essential fatty acids and Vitamin E that help protect, repair and renew hair.
  • Lay Off the Grease You may love styling your hair with gels and other hair styling products but that slick or spiky hairdo you love sporting comes with a price. Gels use polymers which in layman’s term is plastic dissolved in alcohol and this is definitely bad for your hair and your entire body. If you can’t avoid using gels, then at least use them sparingly and choose one without alcohol. Pomades and hair waxes are also not advisable as they contain petroleum jelly and beeswax. If you can’t totally avoid using them, use them minimally and opt for water-based formulas so they are easier to wash off.