What are Microneedling’s Benefits for the Skin?

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If you’ve been to the dermatologist lately, there are numerous treatments that you can choose from, including microneedling. With the word “needle” in the title, you might be wary of this procedure, but it actually has many benefits for your skin. Discover the anti-aging effects of microneedling so that you can try it out during a future appointment.

1. What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is the process of puncturing your skin with tiny needles. These needles only travel a tiny fraction of the skin’s depth. The puncture is so shallow that the needles don’t reach the blood vessels.

You perform this process with a roller at home or with a dermatologist in an office. Dozens of needles enter your skin at one time so that the sensation is only a mild feeling. In most cases, you’ll return in a few weeks for another treatment. Microneedling requires some time to really create an anti-aging appearance.

2. Fighting Off Wrinkles

Microneedling fights off wrinkles by offering these effects, including:

• Stimulating collagen production

• Generating new skin tissue

Your wrinkles are caused by the lack of elasticity in the skin. As aging wears on, your flexible skin starts to sag. Wrinkles and fine lines develop as a response to the collagen and elastin loss.

Microneedling damages the skin in a minor way. This damage signals the body to fix the area with new tissue. As a result, your skin performs the anti-aging effects as it builds new tissues between microneedling appointments.

Argan Oil Is So Miraculous

3. Ridding Your Skin Of Scars

This tissue-building strategy is also effective on scars. You might have a facial scar that’s darkening with age. Professionals can perform microneedling to stimulate some healing. Although this procedure isn’t a cure for scars, it does reduce their appearance.

To completely remove the scar, regular microneedling processes would need to be involved. Ideally, a medical professional should oversee this process. Controlled, skin damage is your goal. Too many unsupervised treatments might cause more skin issues.

4. Removing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the hallmarks of teenage development and pregnancy. Most women, however, don’t want to keep these souvenirs. It’s possible to use several strategies to remove these marks, such as:

• Applying cocoa butter each day

• Opting for microneedling

• Dabbing argan oil onto the marks

A combination strategy is your best choice when it comes to treating these marks. Each area must be treated with the same combination for uniform results.

5. Adding In Argan Oil

Most dermatologists will recommend that your skin should remain bare and free from any topicals as it heals after microneedling. Follow that directive, but make argan oil an exception. This pure substance is non-irritating to your treated skin. It will only help it heal with suppleness as the finished product.

Carefully dab the argan oil onto your skin. Allow it to absorb into the treatment area. In many cases, it will feel like a soothing touch as it moves into the pores. The punctured areas also give the oil a pathway to move into the skin as a deep conditioner.

It’s understandable to be excited by this procedure, but use caution before trying it out. Talk to your doctor about microneedling so that you can have an official approval. Share your at-home or in-office experience with others by adding it to the comment section below. Microneedling can completely change your look with just a few appointments.