Mink: You Can Now 3D Print MakeUp

You can now 3D print your own make-up at the comfort of your own home and the print out is exactly just like the make-up that you buy in beauty stores. Sounds like something out of a science fiction right? NOPE! This is actually true! You can now 3D print makeup. (Tweet this) Putting on make-up before heading out the door is actually one of the rituals of millions of women across the world. And in fact, many women bring along basic make up essentials in their bags or purses wherever they go whether it be the office, clubbing, the grocery store, the beach, flights, road trips, visiting a friend or just whenever they leave the house. Makeups, especially, the big brands can come with a steep price. But, one woman decided to revolutionize the makeup industry. Her name is Grace Choi and make up companies are probably not too happy hearing her name. While at Harvard School, she decided to meddle with the beauty industry. She did research and found out that beauty brands create their products and then hike up the price by mixing lots of colors. “The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bulls—They charge a huge premium on something that technology provides for free. That one thing is color,” mentioned Choi at TechChrunch Disrupt. (Tweet this) What Choi was getting to at is this fact. Most people have color printers at home and anyone can get one. The ink that makeup brands use in their products is the same ink that these color printers use and she says it is FDA-approved. So Choi went on ahead and came up with her own mini home 3D printer she called Mink. Anyone can now print their own makeup by just ripping the color code off color photos on the web. The Mink connects to a computer just like a regular printer. This 3D make up printer will retail at $300. So imagine, instead of buying makeup, you can just have the Mink at home and 3D print your very own makeup in the shade that you want it to be. Click the link to learn more about the amazing 3D Make Up Printer Mink Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends!