Moroccan Argan Oil and its Wonders to the Hair

When you mention Moroccan Argan oil, most people would enumerate to you its tremendous benefits to the hair skin and nails. It is indeed true that this liquid gold from Morocco offers tremendous benefits to the skin, hair and nails because of its components. The oil is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin E, unsatrated essential fatty acids, Sterols, Polyphenols and various naturally occuring antioxidants. With these nutrients the oil is known to give skin, hair, nails and even our health unparalleled benefits.

Vitamin E and its Benefits to the Hair

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. When Vitamin E is mentioned many would automatically think of the benefits it gives to the skin. It is true that Vitamin E nourishes the skin, prevents skin ageing and even scarring. But did you know that Vitamin E holds tremendous benefits to the hair as well?

  • Vitamin E Promotes Hair GrowthVitamin E is absolutely great news for people suffering from slow hair growth. Studies have shown that Vitamin E promotes better hair growth rate. How is this possible? Vitamin E is known to aid in better circulation. Better circulation means the nutrients are well distributed in the entire body including the hair therefore speedier hair growth is achieved.
  • Vitamin E Repairs Damaged HairThe high concentration of Vitamin E in the Moroccan Argan oil makes this oil an ideal treatment for damaged hair. Yes, indeed! Vitamin E is effective in repairing damaged hair. It helps restore the natural hair and at the same time renews and repair the damages caused by internal or external factors.
  • Vitamin E Promotes Oil Production in ScalpThe scalp is actually skin. The scalp produces oil to lubricate the hair and avoid it from drying out. Dry scalp also means having dandruff which is definitely something that we all want to avoid.

Essential Fatty Acids and its Benefits to the Hair

You may have been seeing and hearing the words essential fatty acids, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. EFAs are talked about alot since they give tremendous benefits to the body. They are known to help form healthy cell membranes and aid in cellular development.

Studies have shown that EFAs have the ability to prevent growth of breast cancer cells in humans. EFas also assist in brain development as well as the nervous system. They also protect the heart from various diseases. Did you also know that EFAs benefit the hair?

  • EFAs Strengthen the HairEFAs are actually essential nutrients for the hair’s pores and roots. EFAs make the hair stronger as they make the protein bonding structures in hair stronger. If you have brittle hair, regular application of the EFA-rich Moroccan Argan oil is advisable!
  • EFAs Heal Split EndsEFAs not only make your hair stronger they also heal split ends. These essential fatty acids are as well helpful in addressing dandruff.

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