Must Try Winter Hair Styles

The skies may be looking drab and dull but this should not mean that you’ll let your hair looking the same. Many suffer from lackluster hair during the cold winter season. Here are some stylish does that will revive the beauty of your locks!

Hairstyles for the Winter Season

  • Cascading Curls
    If you hair has good length and waves, the Cascading Curls is a fitter hairstyle. Try this hairdo if you are coming to a party or going on a date! It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you probably want to look your best!
  • How to Wear the Do
    To pull off the cascading curls hairstyle, you’ll need a volumizing spray, hot rollers and your trusty blow dryer. After taking a shower, lightly spritz your wet hair with volumizing spray. Blow dry your hair just like you do on normal days and by this time you should already have your hot rollers turned on. Side-part your hair with two-inch sections of your locks in rollers. To have ringlets, have the rollers set vertically. Wait for about 10 minutes before removing the rollers then shake out the curls with your fingers in a gentle manner. Have the curls pinned up securely with bob pins. To create a softer look, have some wisps falling around your face.
  • Sleek and Shiny Waves
    For women with long and fine hair, the sleek and shiny waves do is perfect! Ready to try this hair do? You do not need to head out to a hair salon just to get your hair looking gorgeous this winter season! You can easily pull off this hair-do in 5 easy steps!
  • How to Get the Hair-Do
    To wear your long, fine hair in sleek and shiny waves, you’ll need your hair dryer, a thickening or volumizing spray and a curling iron. The first step is to have your hair dryer on low speed high heat and blow-dry your hair. Once your hair is a bit damp, turn off your hair dryer and start heating up your curling iron. Spritz your locks with your thickening spray. Be generous with the amount that you spritz on your locks. Blow-dry your hair some more while at the same time wrapping sections of your hair using a round a large brush. Once your hair is dry, twist huge portions of your hair with your curling iron. When twisting, make sure that you do so in an alternate direction. This will make your waves face in different directions! Give most of the curls a good pull with your fingers. You can do a severe side-part just above the arc of your left brow then sweep your bangs across your forehead. Use bobby pins to secure your hair in place then use a strong hold hair spray for extra hold.

These are just two hairstyles that will get your hair looking gorgeous all winter long. Make sure that your hair is healthy by conditioning it at least once a week with Argan oil!

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