Nail Art: A New Concept of Beauty

Popularized by the Japanese, nail art is the art of decorating the nails with various materials. The art had gone beyond mere application of nail polish and drawing images on the nails. It has become more than keeping nails well-groomed and good looking.

Some women use it to make a fashion statement. For some, it is an expression of their feelings and emotions. And for the artists, they treat nails as their canvass to showcase their creativity for the entire world to see.

You will be surprised at the different ways nail artists decorate nails, considering that the nails are very small “canvasses”. For those with trimmed nails, artificial nails are used to extend the nail therefore providing a larger canvas for the artist.

Here are some of the latest trends in nail art.

  • Freehand painting – Just as the name implies, the nail artist paints freehand on the nails. Designs and drawings range from simple to intricate. Polka dots, fall foliage, fruits, flowers and other fun and funky designs. Nail salons offer their own designs for you to choose from but there are online nail art galleries that you can browse. You can even choose some easy designs you have made yourself.
  • Nail Stickers – Nail stickers are ready-made designs shaped like the nail for easy application. The stickers are pressed on the nails and presto, instant nail art.
  • Bejeweled Nails – Bling it on! Bejeweled nails seem to be de rigueur these days. Nail spas and salons use stones and crystals such as Swarovski and rhinestones to decorate the nails for a sparkling and dazzling appearance. The stones are used to line the edges of the nail but some designs call for the whole nail area to be covered up.

Of course, before you can put on any nail art, your nails have to be strong and healthy to begin with. Otherwise, your investment will be wasted when your nails easily get chipped, cracked or broken. And what better way to achieve this condition than to exercise proper nail care?

Proper Nail Caring

  1. Keep your hands clean and protected all the time.
  2. Never wash with hot water because it can dry out the cuticle surrounding the nails. When your cuticles are dry, your nails can become brittle which could lead to nail chipping as well as cracked nails.
  3. Use a mild hand wash, preferably detergent or soap free.
  4. Wear gloves when doing chores especially when water is involved. Excessive soaking in water can weaken and soften nails.
  5. Keep your nails healthy by applying Argan oil to your hands and nails. Argan oil is packed with nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. Massage the oil on your hands and nails at night and let your nails soak in its nourishing goodness.

Nail art is the hottest thing in town these days. Women have always been at the forefront of beauty innovations and having beautiful nails is part and parcel of a woman’s beauty upkeep. It is no wonder that nail art evolved into what it is today.

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