Nail Care: How to Make Your Mani and Pedi Last Longer

You might not be noticing it but your mani and pedi trips to the salon may be squeezing your pockets dry! It’s great to have a beautiful set of nails but having to wear one should not be that expensive. How frequent do you go to your favorite salon to have your mani redone? Too often? These too frequent trips can add up to a big amount. Why not do your own mani and pedi at home? Here are some tricks on how you can make your mani or pedi last longer!

Trick Number 1
One of the crucial steps in making sure that your mani lasts longer is prepping the surface. Don’t get too excited and immediately coat your nails with your choice of polish. First off grab some cotton balls and soak each in your nail polish remover. It’s better to use one without alchohol or accetone in its ingredient as this can dry up your nails. Swiping clean the surface of your nails removes grease from lotions, moisturizers, etc which prevent polish from sticking to your nails.

Trick Number 2
You should always coat your nails with a base polish before moving on to polishing them with your choice of nail polish color. You probably are thinking just any clear polish would do. This is not true. A base coat should be soft and sticky. This allows it to expand as well as contract with your nails therefore the color of your nail polish is grabbed. Remember not to use a clear polish formulated for top coating as your base coat. Clear top coat polish are formulated to be hard and shiny which when used as a top base will surely make your mani or pedi last shortly.

Trick Number 3
If you want to make your mani and pedi last longer, it’s best to go for shimmery nail polishes. Those polishes with pearlescent formulas withstand wear longer than the matte polishes. To make sure that your polish is even, apply two thin layers of coating. If you apply one heavy coat this will trap the solvents in, keeping them from evaporating which will cause chips and dings.

Trick Number 4
Fond of using those quick drying top nail coats? If you are then this is one of the things that is ruining your mani and pedi all too quickly. Sure every mani and pedi aficionado would love the idea of quick drying polish but what you need to remember in these quick drying top nail polishes is that they easily come off. Use a regular top coat instead. Although the regular ones are slow drying they tend to last longer.

Trick Number 5
One of the keys in making a mani and pedi last longer is keeping them moisturized. If your nails are dry with a hardened polish on, this can lead to chipping and breakage. Coat or soak your nails with moisturizing oils like Argan oil to make your mani last longer and avid your nails from breaking and peeling!

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