Nail Care: How to Stop Your Nail Biting Habits

Nail biting is a nasty habit. It not only damages your nails, it also makes you more vulnerable to infections. Our hands come in contact with many things every single day and they can pick up infectious microorganisms so putting your nails in your mouth will provide a chance for bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms to enter your body.

Although nail biters know that this habit makes them more vulnerable to sickness, most find it hard to stop chewing on their nails. It is true that bad habits are hard to break and nail biting is no exception. Nail biting which in the medical world is referred to as onychophagia can also be a telltale sign of a more serious problem that the nail biter refuses to face.

Nail biting in most cases is not a serious condition and this can be corrected or stopped. For one to stop doing this habit, one should learn about the reason why they are biting their nails. The technique of applying something on the nails have helped numerous nail biters stop this horrid and unhygienic habit but sometimes this does not simply work most especially when nail biting is someone’s reaction to stressful situations. In fact, many people who have developed this habit are not even aware when they are biting off their nails.

Common Fixes for Nail Biting

Here are some techniques on how you can prevent biting your nails.

  • Apply a Special Type of Nail Polish – If you or your loved one can’t stop chewing on your nails, coating them with a special type of nail polish may do the trick. These nail polishes have been designed to have a bitter and awful taste to discourage biters from ever having to give a go on their nail biting habits. There are some of these nail polishes laced with capsicum giving them a stingy spicy taste. Pepper sprays have capsicum which gives them this stinging power. But of course these special types of nail polishes contain a much lesser amount of capsicum. This technique works best for those that are just starting to make a habit of nail biting but it also works on people that have been biting for a long time.
  • Sorting Out the Cause of the Problem – If the technique of applying special nail polish does not work, there is a need to address the root of the problem. This is a nervous condition and should not be taken as a simple and light matter most especially in cases when the person bites too much causing bleeding and pain. If this is the case this points out to a much deeper issue. The application of special nail polish may help but this does not address the cause of the nail biting habit. There are support groups that help people with the more serious nail biting issues.

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