Proper Nail Shaping Can Be Easily Done By Yourself

Nail Care Tips: How to Properly Shape Your Nails

It’s not just the color of your nail polish or the nail design that you choose that makes a beautiful manicure. The shape of your nails also plays a major role. It is the shape of your nails that frame your manicure, so before you go ahead and start coat them with the color and design that you want, see to it that you have filed them properly. Any DIY manicurist should know how to file their nails the proper way since the shape of the nails impact the appearance of your manicure. Here are some tips.

Pick the Correct Nail File

The first step to shaping the nails properly is having the right tools in hand. Your best choice in nail files is those made from emery boards. Avoid using metal nail files as they are too harsh to your nails and can even cause peeling and chipping. Not only do emery board nail files prevent your nails from getting brittle and having frills but they are inexpensive too.

Clip Your Nails

Allowing your nails to grow too long can only cause chipping and breakage. Plus it’s quite uncomfortable when your nails snag or get caught on everything. Use a clean and sharp pair of clippers when you trim your nails. Remember to leave a square edge having enough length so you can start shaping your nails using a file.

Your Choice in Nail Shape

You have plenty of shapes to choose from. You can shape your nails to oval, square, round, pointed almond and squoval. One of the most popular nail shapes is the squoval or square oval. The squoval allows you to wear the elegance of the oval shaped nails and the modern look of the square shaped nails. The squoval shape is best for people with a wide nail bed while the oval is best for short and low-maintenance nails. Those who have narrow nails are best going with the square shape. When picking which shape of the nails you want to go with you should also consider the manicure design you want to wear. Remember that whatever the shape may be, you should always start from the sides then work your way to the top or center. Remember to always use the natural curve of your cuticles as your guide.

One Direction Filing Only

When filing your nails, you have to remember to only file in one direction. Many people make the mistake of filing their nails like their sawing on something, moving the file back and forth against the nails. The back and forth saw like motion actually causes the nails to chip and break. Don’t file too deeply at your nail’s edges as this can lead to your nail wall weakening.

Additional Nail Care Tips

  • File only when your nails are completely dry to avoid getting chips and breaks.
  • Nail polish can offer protection to your nails when filing. If you have any old polish left on your nails, file first before removing the polish.
  • There may be soft nail tissue left after filing. To remove the soft nail just file under your nails in a gentle manner.
  • After filing your nails buff them so they become smooth and shiny. It is however ideal to buff your nails only once in a month.
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